MYneon Multifocal Progressive Round Photochromic Reading Glasses for Women – Gradual Lens with UV400 Protection



Feeling like you’re in a constant battle with your eyesight? Struggling to focus on things nearby and finding yourself squinting just to read a text or see your phone screen? As we get older, our vision inevitably declines, making daily tasks like reading, crafting, or using electronics increasingly frustrating.

But now there’s an easy, stylish solution with MYneon Multifocal Progressive Reading Glasses! These innovative glasses feature a gradual multifocal lens design that seamlessly transitions from distance vision to near vision as you glance down, with no visual disruptions.

Gradual Progression from Distance to Reading

The upper portion of the lens is calculated for clear distance sight, while the lower portion provides the magnification power you need for reading and close work. The change between the two viewing zones is subtle and smooth, allowing your eyes to automatically adjust focus. No more tilting your head or constantly switching glasses!

Innovative Varifocal Technology

Varifocal lenses provide a continuous range of focus powers rather than set levels like bifocals or typical progressives. Your eyes can find the exact level of magnification needed in the moment for a given task. Experience distortion-free vision at any distance!

Adaptive Photochromic Lenses

The lenses automatically darken when exposed to UV light outdoors and fade back to clear inside. Responds in seconds! No more dealing with separate sunglasses or swapping lenses. Just put them on and let the photochromic tech seamlessly adapt to your environment.

Scratch-Resistant Coating

Don’t worry about damaging these lenses! The multi-layer anti-scratch coating is condensed into an ultra-thin 10um film that significantly increases surface hardness. Keep your lenses looking pristine, even if you regularly toss them in your bag.

Glare-Reducing Polarized Lenses

Built-in polarization filters out eye-fatiguing glare from reflective surfaces like water, snow, glass, and mirrors. Enjoy comfortable, glare-free vision indoors and outdoors, day and night. No more squinting!

Lightweight TR90 Frames

Constructed from flexible TR90 memory plastic, these frames are practically unbreakable yet weigh a fraction of traditional materials. The translucent black and brown colors look subtly unique while the rounded shape with adjustable nose pads provides a secure, comfortable fit.

100% UV400 Protection

Exposure to UV light can contribute to eye disease over time. The UV400 lenses block 100% of UVA/UVB radiation up to 400nm, protecting your eyes even in the brightest sunlight. Take them anywhere without worry!

Blue Light Filtering

The lenses also filter out high-energy blue light from digital devices, which can lead to eye strain and sleep disruption over time. Read your Kindle or iPad comfortably for hours without electronics fatigue!

Minimalist Chic Design

While the technology is advanced, we designed these with a sleek, semi-rimless double bridge frame that looks subtly stylish on women of all ages. Equally perfect for the office, a night out, or weekend wear. The rounded silhouette flatters various face shapes.


Already wear Rx glasses or thinking you may need them soon? These can easily be converted into prescription glasses by your optometrist. Pop out the existing lenses and add your own.

All-Day Wearable Comfort

At just 20g total weight, you’ll barely notice you have them on! The TR90 frames are flexible and durable enough to toss in your purse or glove box and take anywhere without worry.

Perfect For Work, Play & Travel

Keep these multifocal wonders on hand wherever you go! Read contracts at the office then chat with coworkers effortlessly. Check your phone or GPS safely while driving. Read in the car or on a beach vacation without carrying multiple pairs of glasses. They make everyday life so much easier!

Experience clearer, more comfortable vision at any distance with MYneon Multifocal Progressive Reading Glasses. Ditch the readers cluttering your bag today!


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