Multi Focus Progressive Reading Glasses 3 Powers in 1 Reader – Square Horn Rim Frame



Tired of constantly switching between 3 different pairs of readers? Simplify your eyewear with these innovative Multi Focus Progressive Reading Glasses. The square horn rim frame houses a single lens with 3 magnification strengths blended together.

No more separating lines bisecting your vision. Just put on these multi-focus readers and seamlessly transition between tasks requiring different levels of magnification.

3 Prescriptions in 1 Pair of Readers!

These Multi Focus readers have 3 magnification powers merged into one progressive lens so you can smoothly shift between varying visual needs:

  • Lower Strength: +1.00 for computer work
  • Mid Strength: +1.50 for reading books
  • Higher Strength: +2.00 for close-up crafting and detail work

The graduated strengths are blended across the width of the lenses. Simply look through the area of the lens with the magnification you need at that moment.

Retro Square Horn Rim Style

The eye-catching square shaped frames measure 5 9/16 inches wide and 1 13/16 inches high. The semi-rimless horn rimmed design provides an open, expansive viewing area while still framing the lenses.

Inspired by iconic mid-century designs, the bold black frames lend a vintage yet modern look. Unisex styling flatters both men and women.

Lightweight TR90 Frame

See clearly in featherlight comfort thanks to the durable TR90 frame material. At just 16 grams, you’ll barely notice these multifocal readers on your face.

The spring hinges allow the arms to flex and adjust to your head size. Rubber nose pads prevent slipping while the molded arm tips keep the glasses securely in place.

When to Use the Different Strengths

With three optical powers in one pair, you have every vision need covered!

Lower Power (+1.00): Work comfortably on computers and devices. Drive safely. Grocery shop and run errands.

Mid Power (+1.50): Leisurely read books, newspapers, magazines, recipes. Do crossword and jigsaw puzzles. Play boardgames and cards.

Higher Power (+2.00): Sew, knit, crochet, embroider. Paint miniatures. Assemble models. Do woodworking and crafting requiring fine detail.

These multi-focus reading glasses have your vision optimization needs covered all day long!

Advanced Lens Technology

In addition to the graduated magnification powers, the lenses boast these features:

  • Aspheric design corrects visual distortion
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Anti-reflective coating
  • UV400 protection

The FDA impact-resistant lenses allow crisp, vivid viewing without glare or eye strain.

Stop Switching Pairs of Readers!

With our Multi Focus Progressive Reading Glasses you’ll always have the right magnification strength when you need it without juggling multiple pairs.

The retro square horn rim frame provides timeless style that looks great on both men and women.

Click Add to Cart now to try these innovative multi-focus readers with the convenience of variable magnification strengths in one seamless pair! See clearly and comfortably whether up close or at a distance.


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