mincl Fashionable Photochromic Bifocal Reading Glasses for Men – Look Stylish While Seeing Clearly!



Tired of having to switch between multiple pairs of glasses to see both near and far? Want reading glasses that also look cool and stylish? Then you need the new mincl Photochromic Bifocal Reading Glasses for Men!

These innovative bifocal reading sunglasses allow you to effortlessly view both close up and long distance. The ingenious photochromic lenses react to ambient light conditions, automatically adjusting tint for optimal vision and protection in any environment. When outdoors, the lenses darken to become sunglasses in bright sunlight. Indoors, the lenses clear up for crisp reading vision.

With just one pair of glasses, you can read a book AND check out that bird across the park, all while looking fashionable!

Key Features:

Bifocal Reading Lenses
– Lower half optimized for reading text close-up

– Upper half optimized for distance viewing
– Smooth transition between zones

Photochromic Lenses

– Automatically adapt shade from clear to dark tint
– Protect eyes from glare and UV rays

– React faster than typical transition lenses

Lightweight Metal Frames
– Nickel-free stainless steel construction
– Durable and scratch-resistant
– Comfortable and non-slip

Fashionable Round Style
– Classic and retro inspired design
– Flattering shape for most faces

– Available in multiple colors


Tired of constantly switching between reading glasses and distance glasses? The mincl bifocal reading sunglasses provide the solution with specially designed lenses featuring different zones for near and far viewing.

The lower section of the lenses is optimized for reading text up close, like books, menus, newspapers, smartphones, and tablets. The upper section is optimized for clearly seeing objects farther away, like watching TV, driving, seeing chalkboards, looking at scenery, and more.

The zones have a smooth, gradual transition that allows you to seamlessly look up and down without any distortion or jumps in focus. With just one pair of our photochromic bifocal glasses, you can comfortably view both close up and far away!


Our innovative photochromic lenses react to ambient light conditions to automatically adjust their tint density. When you’re outdoors, the lenses darken to comfortably filter out bright sunlight as sunglasses. When you go back inside, the lenses clear up for crisp, undistorted reading vision.

The lenses react faster than typical transition lenses, so the shade change is quick and responsive to changes in lighting. Enjoy superior visual clarity and protection in all environments, without ever having to swap out glasses again!

You’ll love the convenience of having adaptive sunglasses and reading glasses in one pair!


The mincl bifocal reading glasses feature lightweight stainless steel frames for comfortable long-term wear. The nickel-free construction also minimizes skin irritation for sensitive wearers.

The durable metal frames are resilient against bending and breaking over time. The spring hinges flex to comfortably fit a wide range of head sizes too.

The sturdy construction ensures the glasses hold alignment even with repeated long-term use. And the rubber nose pads and temple tips provide a non-slip grip that stays put securely.

Enjoy reliable reading glasses and sunglasses built to last!


Why choose boring or dated looking reading glasses? Our mincl bifocal sunglasses come in a classic yet fashionable round frame design that flatters a wide variety of face shapes.

The retro inspired style brings back that iconic look sported by the likes of John Lennon. Choose from various colors like black, gray, silver, gold, and gunmetal to coordinate with your personal style.

The round lenses fully cover the eye area to protect against sunlight exposure from all angles. When the photochromic lenses turn dark, you get that cool sleek look of round sunglasses!


With the mincl photochromic bifocal reading glasses, you can toss out your collection of separate reading glasses and sunglasses. Our innovative 2-in-1 eyewear lets you see clearly both near and far, while also automatically adapting to light conditions.

Keep us in your pocket, bag, car, or bedside table to enjoy clear comfortable vision anytime, anywhere!

We provide a soft protective case and lens cloth to keep your glasses clean and scratch-free when not in use. Each pair comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee too.

Get the eyewear upgrade you’ve been waiting for! Ditch the old-fashioned reading glasses and sunglasses to see clearly in style with the new mincl photochromic bifocal glasses!

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