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In the digital age, children are spending more and more time staring at screens for school, fun, and everything in between. Unfortunately, the blue light emitted from these devices can cause a variety of eye problems for kids if left unprotected. Melrose Blue Light Blocking Glasses are designed specifically to filter out harmful blue light and provide protection for developing eyes.

These stylish, comfortable eyeglasses allow children to work and play while improving sleep, reducing headaches, and preventing long-term eye damage. The lightweight resin lenses blocks 100% of UV and filters 90% of high-energy blue light from computers, tablets, phones and more. Your child can enjoy clear, relaxed vision during extended periods of technology use.


– Blocks 90% of blue light to prevent eye strain, headaches, blurry vision and trouble sleeping

– 100% protection from UVA/UVB radiation

– Scratch and impact-resistant lenses for safety and durability

– Flexible plastic frames in fun colors fit boys and girls ages 6-12

– Adjustable arms and nose pads ensure a custom, comfortable fit

– Includes protective case and lens cleaning cloth

Keep Eyes Healthy and Relaxed

Prolonged blue light exposure can lead to digital eye strain. This causes sore, tired eyes, blurry vision, headaches and discomfort. Blue light also suppresses melatonin production which can delay sleep at night. Melrose Kids Blue Light Glasses counteract these issues by filtering high-energy blue light and allowing only healthier light to reach the eyes. This allows kids to see screens more comfortably for longer periods without strain or sleep disruption.

Prevent Long-Term Eye Damage

Studies show overexposure to blue light, especially during childhood, can increase the risk of macular degeneration later in life. Early prevention is key. Melrose Blue Light Blocking Glasses provide protection against blue light damage during critical developmental years. This safeguards your child’s short and long-term eye health.

Fun Frames Kids Love

Melrose Computer Glasses come in vibrant color options that young kids adore. The flexible plastic frames easily adjust to fit boys and girls ages 6-12 years old. Soft silicone nose pads prevent slipping while staying gentle on young noses. The unisex frames complement any outfit from school uniforms to weekend play clothes. Your child will love the way they look while staying protected.

Reliable Protection During School and Play

Melrose Kids Blue Light Glasses are ideal for:

– Distance learning – Blocks blue light from virtual classes on the computer

– Studying – Prevents eye fatigue during homework and studying on tablets

– Reading – Filters high-energy light from kindle devices and books

– Gaming – Reduces symptoms from extended computer gaming sessions

– Watching TV – Lessens eye strain from phones, tablets and televisions

– Outdoor play – Provides UV protection on sunny days

With Melrose Blue Light Blocking Glasses, kids can enjoy scholastic and recreational technology use more comfortably and safely. Protect their developing eyes while staying stylish.

Give the Gift of Healthy Vision

Eye health is so important for kids growing up in today’s tech-filled world. Give your child the gift of protection and prevention with Melrose Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses. At an affordable price, these glasses make a practical gift idea for kids who love working and playing on screens.

Empower children to use technology without sacrificing their vision. With multiple frame colors to choose from, finding the perfect pair is easy. Help the kids in your life develop good eye health habits that will benefit them now and years down the road.


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