Maui Jim Women’s Banyans Sport Sunglasses – PolarizedPlus2 Lenses Provide Optimal UV Protection and Color Enhancement



When you’re looking for high-performance sunglasses that combine impeccable style with advanced technology, Maui Jim is the brand you can trust. Crafted with care and backed by patented PolarizedPlus2 lens technology, the Maui Jim Women’s Banyans Sport Sunglasses allow you to see the world in stunning color and detail while protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays.

PolarizedPlus2 Lenses for Ultimate Visual Clarity

At the heart of these women’s sport sunglasses are Maui Jim’s innovative PolarizedPlus2 lenses. Going beyond traditional polarization, this proprietary technology blocks 99.9% of glare and 100% of harmful UV rays. A protective SuperThin Glass coating repels water, oil, dust, and scratches. But it’s the polarization that makes these lenses so special – enhancing colors while removing blinding glare so you can see the world as it truly is. The result? Vivid, crisp, clear vision and complete comfort even in harsh sunlight.

Versatile HCL Bronze Lens Tint

The Banyans sport sunglasses feature warm bronze lenses perfect for a range of activities and conditions. With a 12% light transmission rate, these lenses provide medium darkness and contrast. The bronze tint also boosts warm tones like browns, greens, reds and oranges. Whether you’re driving, walking on the beach, or playing sports, the HCL bronze lenses optimize color and depth perception. Adapt well from sun to shade so you can wear them all day.

Ultra-Lightweight Design Built for Active Lifestyles

Designed for athletic women on the move, these active sport sunglasses weigh just 24 grams. The ultra-lightweight nylon frame sits comfortably on your face. Adjustable hook temples and rubber nose pads keep the sunglasses stable and bounce-free. Enjoy wearing them during your favorite activities without annoying slips or pressure. Female athletes will appreciate the secure customizable fit.

Polished Style Meets Technical Performance

Blending polished style with technical specs, the Maui Jim Banyans sunglasses flatter a variety of face shapes. The rounded square frame suits oval, heart and diamond face shapes. The classic shape gives a timeless look. Choose from glossy translucent colors like Sand Tortoise or Frosted Maui Rose. Mirrored options like Silver Mirror or Gold Mirror add modern flair. A subtle Maui Jim logo decorates the temples. Take these stylish shades from workouts to weekends seamlessly.

Maui Jim’s Patented PolarizedPlus2 Technology

Maui Jim utilizes a range of advanced patented technologies to craft lenses that meet the highest standards for optical clarity and protection. These include:

PolarizedPlus2 – Goes beyond shielding eyes from glare by enhancing colors for vivid visual accuracy. Using color-infused lens technology, PolarizedPlus2 allows you to see colors in their pure, natural beauty.

Clearshell – A proprietary lens coating that repels water, oil, dust and scratches for extreme durability and fingerprint resistance.

Realtree – Alters light wavelengths to enhance detail and colors in the natural world for immersive clarity. Ideal for sports and activities outdoors.

MauiPure – Blocks 100% of harmful UV rays and filters out high-energy blue light known to cause digital eye strain.

MauiHT – High Transmission lenses offer extra clarity by allowing more light through the lens for bright conditions.

With Maui Jim sunglasses, you’ll see vivid color, vivid contrast and vivid detail for an enhanced viewing experience.

Maui Jim’s Ironclad Warranty

All Maui Jim sunglasses are backed by an extensive manufacturer’s warranty. This covers any manufacturer’s defects for two years from the purchase date. Plus you’ll get complimentary repairs in cases of accidental damage for up to one year from purchase. The durable sunglasses are built to last.

When premium optics meet impeccable craftsmanship, the result is unparalleled performance. Experience the peak of sunglasses technology with the innovative Maui Jim Women’s Banyans Sport Sunglasses. Discover vivid color and visual clarity like never before.


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