Mariner Floating Sunglasses – Never Lose Your Shades Again!



Tired of losing your sunglasses in the water? Not anymore! Mariner floating sunglasses use advanced technology to stay afloat if dropped overboard. Now you can enjoy your favorite water activities without worry.

Mariner sunglasses feature hollow frames constructed from lightweight TPX material. This innovative design makes them unsinkable – perfect for fishing, boating, rafting, surfing and more.

If your shades fall into the lake or ocean, they won’t sink straight to the bottom. Just scoop them up before they drift away! Mariner lets you relax and focus on the action.

Superior Eye Protection

Mariner floating sunglasses don’t just float – they provide complete UVA/UVB protection too.

The lenses utilize advanced TAC technology to filter 100% of harmful ultraviolet rays. Enjoy defense against glares, eye strain, and damage from the sun.

With scratch-resistant construction, the lenses stay crystal clear even after heavy use. The three-point wraparound design offers a secure fit for active water sports.

Sporty Style

Floating doesn’t mean bulky! Mariner sunglasses boast a sleek, active design perfect for athletic men and women.

The lightweight TR90 frames come in transparent red with a frosted finish. Subtle black accents along the arms add sharp detail.

Textured traction pads at the temples prevent slippage even when wet. The glasses stay put no matter how rough the waves get.

Mariner sunglasses have a unisex style that looks great on everyone. The curved shape and low profile offers coverage and visibility.

Maximum Comfort

Active water sports demand sunglasses that can keep up. Mariner floating sunglasses offer exceptional comfort and function.

The three-point wrap around shape provides a secure fit and extensive eye coverage. The frames won’t pinch or chafe even during constant motion.

Flexible hinges and sturdy construction ensure long-lasting performance. Despite the featherlight feel, Mariner sunglasses withstand rough handling.

The arms extend far enough to accommodate larger heads. Silicone nose pads prevent irritation and slipping.

Worry-Free Water Fun

Never lose your sunglasses to the depths again! Mariner floating sunglasses let you enjoy your favorite activities stress-free.

Go fishing, boating, kayaking and more without fear of losing your shades. The floating performance keeps them right at the surface where you can grab them.

Mariner sunglasses come complete with a protective microfiber pouch and sturdy case. Take them anywhere you want worry-free eye protection and improved vision.

Ditch disposable cheap sunglasses and invest in glasses made to last. Mariner floating sunglasses withstand years of fun in the sun!

Product Features:

  • Floating performance keeps sunglasses from sinking
  • Lightweight TR90 hollow frames made of TPX
  • 100% UVA/UVB protection
  • Wraparound shape for secure fit
  • Unisex sporty style with black accents
  • Includes pouch and hard protective case

Stop losing your sunglasses in the water! Get Mariner floating sunglasses today and enjoy worry-free water activities all summer long.


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