MARE AZZURO Oversized Men’s Readers – Stylish Black Square Frame Glasses for Reading and Computer Use – Multiple Magnifications Available



See Clearly and Look Great with MARE AZZURO Men’s Reading Glasses

Feel like you’re squinting to read restaurant menus, work documents, or even text messages on your phone? Experience clearer vision for life’s everyday tasks with the MARE AZZURO oversized square reading glasses.

These bold unisex black readers come in a range of magnification strengths from 1.00x to 3.50x so you can find your perfect vision boost for reading, using the computer, watching TV, doing crafts, and more. The lightweight plastic frame won’t pinch your nose or ears even after hours of wear.

Product Details:

LENS MATERIAL: Aspherical acrylic lenses reduce glare and reflective light

See Clearly and Look Stylish

The oversized square lenses not only improve your vision, but make a fashion statement too. The sleek matte black frame pairs well with any outfit from casual to professional. Slip them on for an instant confidence boost and clearer vision.

The plastic composite frame is durable and flexible enough to pop in and out of the included case without warping. Rubber nose pads prevent slipping. High quality spring hinges have been tested to withstand over 27,000 open/close cycles.

Lightweight and comfortable at only 13g, these glasses won’t leave marks on your nose or ears even after prolonged wear. The stylish way to read comfortably and protect your eyesight.

Ideal Multi-Purpose Readers

The MARE AZZURO readers are perfect for:

– Reading books, magazines, newspapers
– Working on the computer
– Using your phone and tablet
– Watching TV
– Driving
– Playing cards and board games
– Crafting – sewing, crochet, woodworking, and more!
– Seeing lecture notes, restaurant menus, ingredients when cooking
– Reading music notes

Any activity where you need to see small details up close. The oversized lenses make it easy to look down and see clearly.

Replaceable Lenses

Don’t worry about getting the perfect strength on the first try. The lenses pop out easily so you can swap in a different magnification as your vision changes over time. Buy multiple pairs in different strengths and interchange them.

Lens magnification is measured in diopters. Choose from:

1.00x – For minor far-sightedness
1.25x – Ideal for early presbyopia and reading
1.50x – Increased strength for computer work and hobbies
1.75x – Stronger magnification for smaller print
2.00x – Advanced vision support
2.50-3.50x – Maximum magnification for reading fine print

Premium Accessories Included

Each order comes complete with:

– Glasses cleaning cloth – Keep lenses smudge-free
– Protective glasses bag – Prevent scratches in storage or travel
– Stylish gift box – Perfect for giving the gift of clear vision

After Sales Support

MARE AZZURO stands behind the quality of our reading glasses. If you have any issues within 30 days, please contact our helpful customer service team for a replacement pair or refund. We want you to be fully satisfied with your purchase.

Choose from a range of magnifications, and add these sleek black readers to your eyewear collection. Enjoy clearer vision while looking stylish. Scroll up and click Add to Cart to order the MARE AZZURO oversized reading glasses now!


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