Magz Greenwich Classic Square Reading Glasses – Never Lose Your Readers Again!



Tired of constantly losing your reading glasses? Always searching for where you last put them down? With the Magz Greenwich Classic Reader Glasses, misplaced readers become a thing of the past. These innovative reading glasses feature a unique magnetized design that allows the glasses to conveniently hang around your neck when not in use, and then quickly slide back up into the perfect reading position when you need them. No more broken frames from stepping on them, or buying multiple pairs for every room. The Magz Greenwich makes reading glasses hassle-free.

Innovative No-Lost Magnetic Design

The Magz Greenwich Readers utilize sturdy magnets that connect the flexible earpieces behind your neck. When you want to take a reading break, simply detach the magnetic earpieces and let the glasses hang securely and comfortably on your chest. To start reading again, just bring the glasses back up to your face and the magnets will automatically align and connect behind your head. It’s an ingenious design that Magz customers rave about. No more aggravating searches for where you left your readers last!

Flexible Frames Move With You

Unlike rigid neck-loop reader designs, the Magz Greenwich features flexible frames that move with you. The spring-loaded temple arms naturally expand to fit your head without uncomfortable pressure points. This means no more pushing on your glasses as you read, allowing you to recline and read in comfort. Magz customers love being able to read in bed with fluffy pillows, read in planes or cars in any position, and even keep their glasses on while sporting hoodies and other clothing without distortion or pushing on the frames. It’s reading glasses customized for comfort no matter how you are sitting or what you are wearing.

Sporty Yet Stylish Frame Design

The Magz Greenwich Reader Glasses feature a sleek and modern square lens shape paired with thin flexible temples arms. This sporty frame design is both stylish and functional. The patent-pending spring-loaded temple arms are designed to stay firmly and comfortably in place even during rigorous activity, making these reading glasses perform like sport glasses. The arms naturally hug your head without headache-inducing pressure. Customers love that they often forget they are even wearing them! Plus the classically inspired front frame shape and lens style gives these reading glasses a smart, polished aesthetic. Feel confident wearing these readers anywhere!

Crystal Clear Optics

The Greenwich Reader Glasses utilize high clarity optical lenses to provide distortion-free viewing for reading. The lenses come pre-set for precise magnification at your chosen strength (1.0x, 1.5x, 2.0x, 2.5x, or 3.0x). The lightweight plastic lenses also offer UV400 protection against harsh ultraviolet rays. See every word clearly without eye strain or glare when wearing your Magz Readers!

Convenient Case Included

Each pair of Magz Greenwich Reader Glasses come complete with a protective case so you can keep them safe and clean when not in use. The sturdy case prevents the flexible frames from getting bent and the lenses from getting scratched up in bags or purses. A cleaning cloth is also included to keep the lenses looking crystal clear. Take your reading glasses anywhere with total confidence and convenience!

One Pair Does It All!

Stop wasting money on multiple pairs of reading glasses scattered around your home and car. The innovative Magz Greenwich Readers are the only pair you need! The no-lost magnetic design ensures you’ll never misplace them again. The flexible comfortable frames and clear lenses let you read anywhere without discomfort or eye strain. Keep a pair handy in your pocket, purse or car and you’ll always have your readers when you need them. Ditch the reader frustration and enjoy hassle-free reading with Magz Greenwich Classic Reading Glasses!

Product Details:

– Dimensions: 51mm-18mm-205mm

– Frame Material: Flexible TR90 Plastic

– 100% UV Protection

– Available Strengths: 1.0x, 1.5x, 2.0x, 2.5x, 3.0x

– Color: Classic Black

– Anti-Slip Silicone Nose Pads

– Premium Spring Hinges

– Magnetized Earpieces

– Protective Case Included

– Cleaning Cloth Included

– 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

What Magz Customers Are Saying:

“I love these reading glasses! I’m so happy I don’t lose them anymore. The magnets work perfectly to keep them around my neck. I wear them everyday and always have them handy.”

“These Magz reading glasses are so comfortable! I can even lay down in bed with them on. The flexible frames move with me without pinching. I forget I have them on sometimes!”

“I’ve gone through so many pairs of cheap reading glasses that break in my purse. These Magz glasses are very well made. The case keeps them protected so they haven’t broken or gotten a single scratch!”

“The magnetic design is genius! I used to always lose my readers between the couch cushions or under papers. Now my Magz glasses are always handy around my neck when I need them. Well worth the price!”

“I love the sporty look of these Magz reading glasses. I can wear them all day long without discomfort. Being able to read on planes or in cars without having to push my glasses back up constantly is so nice!”

Never lose your readers again! Order the innovative Magz Greenwich Reading Glasses today.


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