LOVIVY Progressive Multifocals – Stylish & Protective Reading Glasses for Work and Leisure



Do you find yourself squinting to read text messages or computer screens? Do distances appear slightly blurred when shopping or walking around town? As we age, our eyesight invariably declines. But now you can enjoy clear vision at any range with LOVIVY Progressive Multifocal Reading Glasses.

With three lens powers integrated into one pair of spectacles, our multifocals provide optimized viewing for all daily activities. The lower portion caters to close-up reading. The middle section works perfectly for computer use. While the top part lets you see distances sharply. Just angle your gaze accordingly, and the world will appear crisp and vivid once more.

Superb Optical Technology

At LOVIVY, we leverage state-of-the-art production techniques to manufacture high-performance multifocal lenses.

Our lenses utilize a progressive power gradient that seamlessly transitions between three optical zones. Advanced digital surfacing ensures smooth vision at any focal point. And the wider intermediate zone accommodates prolonged computer use.

The result? No more constantly switching between separate readers and distance glasses. Our progressive multifocals fuse varying prescriptions into one convenient pair.

Blue Light Blocking for Digital Protection

In today’s tech-driven world, we spend hours each day staring at digital screens. But the blue-violet light emitted can cause eye strain, headaches, disrupted sleep and other side effects.

LOVIVY Reading Glasses safeguard your vision with integrated blue light filtering. Our lenses block over 90% of high-energy visible (HEV) blue light from 400-455 nm. This alleviates eye fatigue when viewing phones, laptops, tablets and more.

Studies show blue light exposure suppresses melatonin secretion at night. This disrupts your circadian rhythm, making it harder to fall and stay asleep. Our blue-blocking lenses restore after-dark hormonal balance, allowing deeper and more restorative rest.

Flattering, Durable Frames

With sleek cat-eye frames, LOVIVY Multifocals add a touch of glamour wherever you go. The lightweight TR90 material conforms comfortably to your facial profile. Durable spring hinges provide a secure yet gentle fit. An adjustable silicone nose pad prevents slippage or irritation.

You’ll also find the lenses themselves highly impact-resistant. Built to withstand scrapes and scratches, they maintain long-lasting clarity.

All-Day Protection & Convenience

Life keeps you busy with a non-stop variety of activities. LOVIVY Progressive Reading Glasses allow you to keep up with ease.

Their multi-powered optics offer continuous clear vision whether reading, computing, walking or shopping. Blue light-blocking filters prevent eye strain and disrupted sleep patterns. And the 3 pack means you can keep a pair anywhere – at home, the office, in your car or bag.

The frames are lightweight and comfortable for prolonged wear. While the scratch-resistant lenses retain their sharp viewing properties over time.

Worry-Free Purchase

Your satisfaction with our multifocal reading glasses is 100% guaranteed. We provide a 30 day money back pledge, no questions asked. You can examine the fit, comfort, optics and design at your leisure.

If for any reason you are unsatisfied, simply return them for a full refund or replacement. We also offer responsive customer service and free shipping.

Invest in your short and long-term eye health today. Click Add to Cart now to order the LOVIVY Multifocal Reading Glasses 3 Pack! Your clear, relaxed vision will thank you.


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