LOVIVY 3 Pack Progressive Multifocus Reading Glasses for Women Men Metal Half Frame Multifocal Readers with Spring Hinges



Tired of squinting to read or constantly switching between multiple pairs of glasses? Introducing the LOVIVY 3 Pack Progressive Multifocus Reading Glasses – the stylish, convenient solution for all your vision needs!

These innovative multifocal glasses feature precision-engineered progressive lenses that provide seamless transition between three zones of vision: full magnification for close-up reading, intermediate for computer work, and distance for walking, shopping, and driving. The ergonomic, lightweight metal half frames with spring hinges ensure custom comfort all day long.

Multifunction Convenience

With the LOVIVY progressive readers, there’s no more fumbling for multiple pairs of glasses when your vision needs change. The no-line trifocal lenses move smoothly from distance to intermediate to near vision with no visible dividing lines or blurred spots. Just glance up or down and the optimal zone comes into focus, whether you’re reading a book, working on the computer, walking outdoors, or driving your car.

The wider intermediate zone is ideal for prolonged computer use, allowing you to work comfortably without eye strain or constantly pushing glasses up and down your nose. For close-up tasks like reading, knitting, or inspection work, the wider near-vision zone at the bottom provides sharp focus and crisp text.

Sleek, Durable & Comfortable

Built to last with durable metal frames and spring hinges, these progressive reading glasses maintain their shape over extended wear. The stylish half-frame design is available in classic black and gunmetal grey options to flatter both men and women. Adjustable silicone nose pads prevent slippage and ensure a custom, comfortable fit.

Weighing just 23g, you’ll barely notice you’re wearing them! The frame’s ergonomic curvature and flexible spring temples hug every contour of your face, ears, and nose without pinching or chafing. Enjoy all-day comfort whether at home, work, or on the go.

Blue Light Protection

With increased digital device use, exposure to artificial blue light has been linked to eye strain, fatigue, and sleep disruption. The LOVIVY progressive readers safeguard your vision with integrated blue light filtering lenses that block 90% of high-energy blue light (wavelengths 400-455nm) from phones, tablets, and computer screens. This helps alleviate headaches, dry eyes, blurry vision, and nighttime sleep issues caused by prolonged blue light exposure. Keep your eyes safe without compromising visual accuracy!

Scratch & UV Resistant

From the office to the outdoors, the LOVIVY multifocal glasses shield your eyes from environmental damage. The lenses incorporate advanced coatings to guard against scratches, dust, debris, and UV radiation. Now you can enjoy years of protection in any setting!

Precision Manufacturing

Produced in state-of-the-art facilities, each LOVIVY progressive lens undergoes meticulous manufacturing with strict quality control. CNC diamond lathe cutting creates the complex variable-focus front surface to precise specifications. Pristine clarity is ensured across every zone – near, intermediate, distance.

Unbeatable Value

Why spend hundreds at the optician for prescription progressive lenses when you can enjoy the same multifocal functionality in these affordable non-prescription readers? For less than the cost of a single pair from the drugstore, this 3-pack offers incredible value! A spare pair means you’ll always have your glasses on hand. Share the other with your partner or keep one in your bag.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Your complete satisfaction is 100% guaranteed! Try the LOVIVY Progressive Reading Glasses for 30 days. If you aren’t thrilled with the performance and comfort, simply return them for a full refund, no questions asked. You have nothing to lose!

Treat your eyes to effortless vision clarity and protection with the LOVIVY 3 Pack Multifocus Reading Glasses. Convenient, comfortable, and budget-friendly – the perfect choice for work, home, travel, and everyday living!


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