LJCZKA Retro Chunky Square Blue Light Glasses – Anti Computer Eyestrain Reader Eyeglasses for Women and Men



Put a stylish spin on your blue light blocking glasses with LJCZKA’s Retro Chunky Square Reader Eyeglasses. Featuring thick and bold frames with a retro inspired design, these blue light computer glasses seamlessly blend eye protection and fashionable accessorizing.

If you spend hours working on computers, tablets and phones, you know how taxing the blue light exposure can be on your eyes. LJCZKA’s innovative readers filter out the most harmful blue light rays, helping prevent digital eye strain, fatigue, headaches and poor sleep. The sleek square lenses also reduce glare and refract light to optimize visual clarity.

But protection doesn’t have to mean boring glasses. LJCZKA brings you effortless retro style with thick chunky frames offered in a rainbow of colors. The durable and lightweight acetate or cellulose material keeps them comfortable for all day wear.

Take your pick from classic black, subtle clear, vibrant rainbow or retro olive green. With LJCZKA’s Blue Light Blocking Square Readers you get:

Maximum Blue Light Filtration – Proprietary lenses block over 90% of harmful high-energy blue light emitted from digital screens. Prevent eye fatigue, strain, dryness, headaches and poor sleep.

Glare Reduction & Light Refraction – Square lenses optimize eye comfort by reducing reflective glare and refracting light. Enhance clarity and definition whether you’re working, reading or gaming.

Retro Thick Frames – Bold, chunky and perfectly square frames crafted from durable cellulose or acetate. These sturdy statement frames are built to last.

Anti-Scratch & Anti-Reflective – Lenses treated with protective coatings prevent scratches and reduce reflected light sources for crystal clear vision.

Chic Color Options – Take your pick from black, clear, olive green or rainbow. Coordinate the frames with your own personal style and outfit.

Unisex Styling – These retro readers look great on women and men alike. The chunky bold silhouette complements round, oval, square and diamond face shapes.

Lightweight Comfort – Durable cellulose and acetate materials are engineered for comfortable long term wear. The frames feel natural yet sturdy.

Ideal For Work & Leisure – Use LJCZKA’s readers for extended computer work then seamlessly transition to reading, studying or gaming without swapping glasses.

Give your eyes a break from digital strain without compromising on style. LJCZKA Retro Square Blue Light Blocking Glasses are designed for all day wear whether you’re working, studying, reading, driving or playing games.

Product Details

Lens Width: 48mm
Lens Height: 37mm
Temple Arm Length: 142mm
Bridge Width: 18mm

Frame Material: Acetate/Cellulose
Lens Material: Plastic CR-39
Lens Treatment: Anti-Reflective, Anti-Scratch, Blue Light Blocking
Shape: Square
Magnification Strength: None
Frame Color Options: Black, Clear, Olive Green, Rainbow

Package Includes:
– 1 x LJCZKA Blue Light Glasses
– 1 x Glasses Cloth
– 1 x Glasses Case
– 1 x Mini Screwdriver

90 Day Money Back Guarantee

Give your eyes a stylish break from digital screens. Order the LJCZKA Retro Square Blue Light Computer Glasses today!


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