Livley Photochromic Progressive Reading Glasses for Women – Flattering, Functional Fashion Eyewear



Looking for a pair of women’s reading glasses that seamlessly transitions to sunglasses when going outside? Want fashionable eyewear that also provides visual support for your modern lifestyle?

Introducing the Livley Photochromic Progressive Multifocal Reading Glasses – the stylish, innovative women’s eyewear that adapts to all your needs!

Trendy Oversized Round Frames

These chic reading glasses feature large, round frames that flatter a variety of face shapes. The on-trend oversized silhouette complements your features without overpowering them.

The polished zyl acetate frames come in a range of colors like Black, Brown Tortoise, Red, Purple, and Pink. There’s an option to match any outfit or mood.

Designed specifically for women, the frames are both fashionable and functional. They’re perfect for those needing reading assistance while wanting to look fabulous.

Seamless Photochromic Transition

The state-of-the-art photochromic lenses automatically adjust their tint from light to dark. When you’re inside, the lenses remain completely clear and transparent.

Once you step outdoors, the lenses seamlessly darken into a sunglass tint to defend against UV rays and glare. They react quickly to changes in lighting, beginning to fade back to clear moments after returning inside.

Now you can have reading glasses and sunglasses in one pair! No more fumbling with multiple eyewear.

Progressive Multifocal Zones

Featuring advanced progressive multifocal zones, these glasses provide strain-free vision at varying distances:

  • Upper zone – 0 magnification for distance vision like walking, driving, shopping
  • Middle zone – intermediate magnification for computer, watching TV, menus
  • Lower zone – maximum magnification for close-up reading and detail work

The smooth progression between zones allows seamless focus transitions. The wider reading zone gives you enhanced magnification power for close tasks.

With just one pair, you’ll have crisp, comfortable vision whether up-close or far away!

Lightweight Comfort

Crafted from durable yet lightweight materials, these glasses weigh just 21g for all-day comfort.

The adjustable nose pads prevent slipping while the flexible hinges allow a customized fit. Both the frame and lenses have anti-scratch coatings for long-lasting resilience.

You’ll barely notice you’re wearing them – except for the compliments on your new fabulous look!

Reduces Eye Strain

In addition to UV protection, the lenses filter out harmful blue light from digital devices. This prevents visual fatigue, eye strain, and headaches.

You’ll be able to text, email, read e-books, and browse online comfortably all day long. The lenses make screen use effortless while protecting your eye health.

Premium Accessories Included

Each order comes with:

  • Protective glasses case
  • Microfiber cleaning cloth
  • Small screwdriver for tightening frames

These useful accessories help maintain your glasses and keep them safe when not in use. The included case is perfect for carrying in your purse or luggage.

Worry-Free Order

We stand behind our photochromic progressive reading glasses 100% to ensure you have a positive experience. However, if you are not completely satisfied, just contact us and we will make it right.

Based on reviews from delighted customers, we’re confident you’ll love how these glasses seamlessly adapt to make your life easier!

Flattering, Functional Eyewear

Simplify your eyewear routine and look stylish at the same time with the Livley Photochromic Progressive Reading Glasses.

With fashionable frames, photochromic adaptive lenses, progressive zones, blue light blocking, and UV protection, they’re ideal for the modern woman needing vision support and protection.

Ditch the hassle of multiple pairs – these glasses have you covered morning to night, indoor or outdoor!

Click Add to Cart now to treat yourself to the most innovative, functional women’s reading glasses available!


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