Livho Transition Bifocal Reading Glasses – Stylish Men’s Photochromic Readers



Make reading effortless again with Livho’s innovative bifocal reading glasses for men. These stylish readers combine the clarity of bifocal lenses with the convenience of transition photochromic technology. The engraved metal frame delivers a retro, sophisticated look.

Livho’s bifocal reading glasses adapt to provide crisp vision whether you’re reading a book or navigating the world. The lower bifocal segment magnifies text while the upper lenses are ideal for distance vision.

When you go outside, the photochromic lenses automatically darken to function as sunglasses. Enjoy glare-free vision and UV protection. Inside, the lenses become clear again for easy reading.

Bifocal Reading Lenses

The lower bifocal segment is designed with +1.50, +2.00, or +2.50 power for reading and close-up work. The prescription strength aims visual focus to reduce eye fatigue and strain.

The upper lenses have no magnification for clear long-distance vision. The seamless transition between segments gives you natural vision at any distance.

Livho’s wider bifocal segment ensures the reading zone is aligned with your pupils for optimal magnification. Experience crisp text without tilting your head.

Innovative Transition Photochromic Lenses

Livho bifocal readers feature advanced photochromic technology that responds to changes in light conditions. The lenses effortlessly transition from completely clear indoors to a dark sunglass tint outdoors.

In low light, the lenses stay transparent so you can read comfortably. When exposed to UV rays, the lenses turn dark. The tint prevents glare and filters out 100% of harmful UVA/UVB radiation.

The transition is quick, taking just 20 seconds to fully darken. And the tint fades back to clear within 2 minutes once you return indoors. Enjoy automatic sun protection and visual clarity.

Classic Metal Frame with Vintage Inspired Design

Livho bifocal reading glasses feature durable stainless steel frames with a vintage look. The combination of silver metal and black acetate temples deliver sophisticated retro style perfect for men.

The engraved filigree pattern on the browline and temples provides an antique feel. This unique frame design will upgrade any outfit from casual to formal.

The spring hinges allow flexibility and durability while ensuring a customized fit. Adjustable silicone nose pads prevent slipping. Overall, the frames are lightweight for long-lasting comfort.

Reliable Bifocal Reading Glasses

Livho bifocal reading glasses provide the complete eyeglass solution for men needing bifocals with UV protection. The quality lenses magnify text while reducing glare and eye strain.

As an established brand, Livho adheres to the highest production standards. We back all Livho reading glasses with a money-back satisfaction guarantee.

Give your eyes the crystal clear, comfortable vision they deserve. Order Livho’s bifocal transition reading glasses today!


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