LIU·WEN Oversized Vintage Style Clear Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Women – Reduces Digital Eye Strain



Stylishly reduce digital eye strain with the LIU·WEN Oversized Clear Blue Light Glasses. Featuring vintage inspired oversized square frames fitted with pearl inlay arms, these glasses are both fashionable and functional. The lightweight durable design blocks out harmful blue light from screens, allowing you to work, game, and read without discomfort.

Classic Yet Modern Frames

Achieve that trendy retro look with the oversized square frames which revamp the classic style into a modern fashion statement. The frame measures 140mm wide x 47mm high to provide an oversized fit. Complementing the black frames are the unique pearl inlay arms in ivory white. This unexpected combination gives off vintage vibes while still looking current. At just 19g, these durable TR90 plastic frames are ultra lightweight for hours of comfortable wear.

Blocks Harmful Blue Light Rays

In today’s digital world, we are exposed to high energy blue light rays from the screens of phones, computers, tablets, and more. Studies show this blue light exposure can lead to digital eye strain, fatigue, blurred vision, and disrupted sleep cycles. The LIU·WEN glasses feature clear lenses treated to filter out 90% of blue light while maintaining color fidelity. This allows you to enjoy crisp, clear vision while reducing exposure to the blue light wavelengths most likely to cause eye issues.

All Day Comfortable to Wear

Built with comfort in mind, these glasses feature adjustable silicone nose pads to prevent any slipping. The nose bridge is encased in soft foam padding to avoid soreness, even during prolonged wear. At just 19g, the ultra lightweight TR90 frames ensure you’ll barely notice you’re wearing them! The glasses measure 140mm wide x 47mm high to sit comfortably on your face without pinching.

Enjoy Nighttime Reading & Activities

The LIU·WEN glasses allow you to comfortably use devices and read at night before bed. While ordinary lenses strain your eyes in low light conditions, these glasses filter blue light while still allowing visibility for evening activities. Their anti-reflective, anti-glare coatings improve visual clarity while protecting against eye fatigue.

Ideal for Work & Study

Reduce eye strain during long hours at the computer with these blue light blocking glasses. Their durable lightweight design and nose pad cushions make them perfect for all day wear at the office. Students can also use them for distance learning and studying to maintain crisp eye comfort. The oversized square frames add professional edge while staying stylish.

Lifetime Breakage Warranty

LIU·WEN provides a lifetime warranty against any manufacturer’s defects or breakage. We take pride in the quality of our blue light glasses and want our customers to be fully satisfied. If you have any issues, our exceptional customer service is here to help find a solution.

Order LIU·WEN Blue Light Glasses Now

Give your eyes stylish protection with these oversized vintage inspired blue light blocking glasses. Reduce digital eye strain while looking chic in the square black frames and pearl arms. With adjustable nose pads and lightweight durable design, you’ll stay comfortable all day. Check out the LIU·WEN collection to find your perfect pair today!


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