LianSan Premium Bifocal Reading Glasses for Women Men with Spring Hinge Acrylic Frame Rectangle Blue Light Blocking Readers (Black 2.25 diopters)



Stay stylish while protecting your eyes with the LianSan Premium Bifocal Reading Glasses. These chic reading glasses allow you to see both near and far distances clearly. The flat top bifocal design provides a discreet and smooth transition between the clear top reading zone and the lower full magnification bifocal reading area. Enjoy crisp, clear vision whether you’re reading a book or looking at your phone screen.

Clear Bifocal Reading Zones

The LianSan bifocal reading glasses feature two distinct viewing zones. The upper zone has clear lenses with no magnification, perfect for seeing things at a distance like driving, watching TV, or looking at menus in restaurants. The lower zone is magnified at 2.25 diopters for close-up tasks like reading books, newspapers, magazines, knitting patterns, menus, tablets, smartphones, and more. The flat top cut between the two zones allows for a subtle and seamless transition when shifting your gaze between near and far.

Lightweight Spring Hinges

These reading glasses showcase durable spring hinges that gently flex and adjust to fit your head size and temple width comfortably. The arms open wide to slip on easily and snap back snugly without pinching. Built to last, the spring hinges retain their flexibility and prevent the arms from loosening over time. Enjoy long-wearing comfort without squeezed temples.

Stylish Acrylic Frames

The LianSan reading glasses feature chic half frames made of lightweight acrylic plastic. The durable acrylic holds up well to daily use and maintains its shape over time. The transparent black color flatters most skin tones. The semi-rimless rectangular frame design is both functional and fashionable. Wear them everywhere from the office to outdoor activities.

Anti Blue Light Protection

In addition to aiding vision, these reading glasses also filter out 97% of harmful blue light from digital screens and overhead lighting. Reducing blue light exposure helps prevent eye strain, headaches, and disrupted sleep patterns. The discreet blue light blocking coating doesn’t distort colors or add a yellow tint. Protect your eyes while using phones, tablets, computers, and e-readers.

Ideal Vision Support

The 2.25 diopter magnification is ideal for people who need only a minor boost when reading small text and doing close work. Reduce eye fatigue and strain without the magnification being overly strong. The lower lenses help make reading easier and more enjoyable.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

LianSan stands behind the quality of their reading glasses. If you aren’t completely happy, return them within 30 days for a full refund or replacement pair.

Protect Your Vision in Style

Don’t sacrifice your eye health or your style. The LianSan Premium Bifocal Reading Glasses allow you to see clearly near and far while looking chic. The lightweight semi-rimless rectangle frames flatter your face without dominating your look. See everything vividly from screens to streets to books without swapping between separate readers and distance glasses. Simply tilt your eyes down to enjoy crisp text and tilt your eyes up to see far.


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