laureles Mens Photochromic Bifocal Reading Glasses – Fashionable Metal Half Frame UV Light Reactive Lenses



Struggling to see near and far? laureles stylish bifocal reading glasses allow you to see clearly whether reading a book or looking at distant objects. The convenient photochromic reactive lenses automatically darken in sunlight for comfortable outdoor wear. Ditch the bifocal struggles with this fashionable eyewear solution.

These classic metal half frame glasses feature clear bifocal lenses specially designed for both reading AND distance viewing. The lower bifocal segment allows close-up vision for reading while the regular upper lenses maintain far away clarity.

The bifocal segment measures 0.47 inches in height and sits subtly and comfortable along the lower half of the lenses. Enjoy seamless transitions between near and distance vision without the abrupt image change of traditional bifocal lines.

But what makes these bifocals especially unique is the reactive photochromic lenses that automatically darken when exposed to UV light. The lenses subtly transform from clear indoors to a dark sunglass tint when outdoors to filter against glare. That means you can comfortably wear them all day without switching between dedicated reading and sunglasses.

The intelligent lenses react to the intensity of UV light and darken accordingly. Within minutes of stepping outdoors, the lenses shade to a category 3 sunglass tint to reduce glare without overly darkening. Return back indoors and they’ll quickly return back to a crystal clear state.

With laureles photochromic bifocals you get the vision benefits of bifocals PLUS the convenience of photochromic lenses in one stylish pair of glasses.

Product Highlights:

– Bifocal Reading Lenses – Lower segment for close up, main lenses for distance
– Photochromic Reactive Lenses – Clear indoors, darken when outdoors
– Full UV400 Protection when lenses darkened
– Classic Thin Metal Half Frames – Timeless semi-rimless style
– Universal Sizing – Adjustable silicone nose pads and temple tips
– Lightweight Comfort – Only 21g weight for fatigue-free wear

Whether you need help seeing close up text and details or want to safely drive and see the road ahead, these multifunctional photochromic bifocal glasses enhance vision both near and far. The lenses make them perfect for wearing outdoors during the day without dealing with sunglasses swapping.

The fashionable half rim frame creates an intelligent appearance suitable for work, school, reading or casual wear. The thin wire design avoids lens obstruction for an expansive field of view. Adjustable nose pads and tips allow you to customize the fit.

Quickly become a fan of these laureles bifocals. The convenience of automatically reactive lenses combined with bifocal ability offers incredible versatility. See everything life has to offer, near and far, day and night, without the need to swap glasses.

What’s Included:

– 1x Men’s Bifocal Photochromic Reading Glasses
– 1x Protective Case
– 1x Cleaning Cloth

Lens Features:

– Photochromic – Category 3 Tint Outdoors
– UV400 Protection When Darkened
– Bifocal Reading Segment – 0.47 Inches
– Lens Width: 1.57 Inches
– Bridge Width: 15mm
– Arms Length: 5.7 Inches

Frame Features:

– Classic Metal Half Frame Design
– Thin Wire Frame Construction
– Adjustable Silicone Nose Pads
– Adjustable Silicone Tips
– Lightweight – Only 21g

Experience the convergence of bifocal vision correction and UV reactive convenience in one pair of laureles reading glasses. Don’t settle for swapping between dedicated readers and sunglasses. Upgrade your eyewear and see it all with these multifunctional marvels!


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