Kiddo Eyes Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Kids – Anti Eyestrain Computer Glasses Protect Children’s Vision



Does your child complain of tired eyes, blurred vision, or headaches after using digital devices? As screens become more prevalent, exposure to blue light poses a growing concern. Protect their precious eyesight with Kiddo Eyes Blue Light Blocking Glasses!

These innovative kid’s computer glasses filter 85% of harmful blue light emitted from screens. This reduces digital eye strain and vision-disrupting glare. Help maintain healthy eyes and proper sleep rhythms critical for development.

Key Benefits:

Blocks Blue Light

Filters 85% of high-energy blue light linked to eye & sleep issues.

Prevents Eyestrain

Alleviates tired, strained eyes from prolonged computer use.

Reduces Headaches

Limits headaches associated with excessive blue light exposure.

Promotes Healthy Sleep

Regulates melatonin and natural sleep-wake cycles.

Minimizes Glare

Special coating prevents distracting and distorting reflections.

Lightweight Design

Durable, flexible frames with shatterproof lenses add minimal weight.

Protecting Children’s Eyesight

Today’s kids spend hours glued to digital devices for school, fun, and everything in between. Constant exposure to artificial blue light takes a toll on developing eyes. Kiddo Eyes glasses shield vision while promoting healthy eye function.

The lightly tinted, kid-friendly frames filter high-energy wavelengths linked to visual disruption. This allows eyes to focus comfortably without squinting at glaring screens. Guard their eyesight with Kiddo Eyes!

Prevents Tired, Strained Eyes

Staring at phones, tablets, computers, and TVs can leave children’s eyes exhausted and uncomfortable. Kiddo Eyes’ specialized lenses significantly reduce blue light that causes visual fatigue and strain.

Your child can now read, learn, and play without getting the same tired eyes and headaches. The results are happier kids who can digitally interact without ocular discomfort.

Regulates Sleep Patterns

Blue light exposure decreases natural melatonin production, disrupting healthy sleep-wake cycles. This makes it harder for kids to fall and stay asleep at night.

Kiddo Eyes glasses work by filtering out the blue light wavelengths that suppress melatonin. Regular use helps maintain your child’s natural bio rhythm for consistent, restful sleep.

Minimizes Annoying Glare

Few things are more distracting than glare bouncing off digital screens – for kids and adults alike! Kiddo Eyes glasses feature an anti-reflective coating to virtually eliminate glare.

Your child will experience less eye fatigue since they don’t have to strain against reflections. Crisper screen viewing allows better focus and concentration too.

Designed Just for Kids

From the kid-friendly colors to the lightweight build, Kiddo Eyes are designed with children in mind. The silicone rubber frames provide durable flexibility that withstands the antics of youth.

Shatterproof polycarbonate lenses are thin yet extremely impact-resistant. Your child gains protection without bulky glasses weighing them down.

Set Your Child Up for Success

Healthy vision leads to learning, development, and happiness as a child grows. Ensure your kid starts on the right foot with Kiddo Eyes Blue Light Blocking Glasses. Protect those precious peepers against preventable threats in our increasingly digital world.

We stand behind our products with a 100% money-back guarantee. Let us safeguard your child’s beautiful eyes from the dangers of excessive blue light today and for years to come!


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