Kerecsen 6 Pack Reading Glasses – Stylish Colorful Spring Hinge Readers for Women and Men



Tired of constantly searching for your reading glasses? Always wishing you had a pair handy? With this 6 pack of Kerecsen reading glasses, you’ll always have a pair ready to go wherever you are!

This fashionable set of readers comes in 6 fun colors – black, red, blue, purple, tortoise, and leopard print. The variety of colors makes it easy to coordinate with your outfit or decor. Stash each pair in a different spot – your purse, car, office desk, nightstand, etc. – so you always have readers within reach.

The stylish design features spring hinges that allow the arms to flex outward up to 25 degrees. This reduces pressure on your head and ears for a custom, comfortable fit. The spring hinges also prevent the glasses from easily slipping off your face while reading.

The lenses offer high-definition optical clarity and anti-reflective, anti-glare coatings. This provides accurate color transmission and crisp, sharp vision from all angles without eye strain. The lightweight plastic frames are durable and comfortable for extended wear.

Main Features:

  • Set of 6 reading glasses in black, red, blue, purple, tortoise, and leopard print
  • Spring hinges allow arms to flex out 25 degrees for custom fit
  • Reduces pressure on head and ears
  • Glasses stay in place without slipping
  • HD optical lenses provide clear, vivid vision
  • Anti-reflective, anti-glare coatings
  • Lightweight durable plastic frames
  • Ideal for women and men

No More Hunting for Readers!

If you’re always misplacing your reading glasses, this multi-pack is the perfect solution. Stash a pair everywhere you need them – bedroom, office, car, bag, etc. Different colors help you quickly identify which glasses you need.

The spring hinges provide a custom fit that flexes to your head size and shape. Rounded ear pieces sit comfortably without pinching. This innovative design ensures your glasses stay in place for hands-free reading and viewing.

Crisp, Clear Vision Without Strain

The lenses use the latest optical technology to provide distortion-free vision with accurate colors and clarity. Special coatings filter out glare and reflections that can cause squinting and eye fatigue. Whether you’re reading, using a computer, or enjoying hobbies like crafts and sewing, these readers reduce eye strain for comfortable viewing.

Lightweight Durability

Constructed from lightweight durable plastic, these frames can stand up to daily use. The flexible spring hinge design also adds to their resilience. While thin and lightweight, the frames feel substantial in your hands and on your face. The arms have rubberized tips for a no slip grip.

Why Choose Kerecsen Reading Glasses?

  • Value – Get 6 stylish, functional pairs of readers for less than the price of one!
  • Convenience – Always have readers handy at home, work, or on the go.
  • Comfort – Spring hinges and rounded ear pieces prevent slipping and pinching.
  • Clarity – Optical grade lenses provide distortion-free viewing.
  • Durability – Durable, lightweight plastic frames and arms.
  • Versatility – Great for both women and men.

We Stand Behind Our Readers

We provide a 30-day money back guarantee along with a 1-year replacement warranty. If you have any problems or need spare parts, contact our helpful customer service team. We respond quickly and make returns, exchanges, and replacements hassle-free.

Give your eyes a break and enjoy reading in comfort again! Order the Kerecsen 6 Pack Reading Glasses today.


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