Kerecsen 5 Pack Fashion Readers with Blue Light Blocking



Treat your eyes to this colorful 5-pack of Kerecsen reading glasses for women that also block harmful blue light from screens and devices. Each order comes with 5 pairs of readers featuring stylish and modern designs in a variety of trendy colors. The lightweight blue light blocking lenses filter out eye strain-inducing blue light, making these readers perfect for reading, crafting, watching TV, browsing on your phone, and more!

Blue Light Protection for Eye Health

We all love our electronic screens, but research shows the blue light emitted from devices like phones, tablets, and computers can lead to digital eye strain and other problems like headaches, blurry vision, fatigue, trouble sleeping, and more. Kerecsen reading glasses have special lenses treated to filter out blue light and provide soothing protection for your eyes.

By reducing exposure to the high-energy visible (HEV) blue light, you can alleviate eye discomfort and other issues associated with too much screen time. The subtle tint also enhances contrast and visual definition for crisper reading clarity. Protect your vision and prevent eye fatigue without having to limit device use!

Stylish Designs and Vibrant Colors

Who said reading glasses have to be boring? This 5-pack gives you a rainbow of color options to suit any mood or outfit. Choose from fun hues like Pink, Purple, Blue, Tortoiseshell, and Leopard. The chic cat-eye and wayfarer inspired shapes add modern style. No more granny glasses – these readers are fashionable and contemporary!

The lightweight TR90 frames won’t slip down your nose and have flexible spring hinges for a custom contoured fit. Each pair comes with an included glasses case and cleaning cloth so you can keep them protected and spotless when not in use. Coordinate with your wardrobe or switch it up each day – the options are endless with 5 pairs!

Crystal Clear Magnification

No more squinting or eye strain when you can read with ease wearing these magnifying readers. Each order comes with:

– 1 pair with 1.00x magnification for minimal near vision boost
– 1 pair with 1.50x magnification for mild reading power
– 1 pair with 2.00x magnification for intermediate reading
– 1 pair with 2.50x magnification for advanced reading
– 1 pair with 3.00x magnification for the strongest reading power

The graduated strengths allow you to choose the right level of visual aid for current tasks like reading mail, books, doing crafts, viewing your phone or tablet, and more. The clear ophthalmic lenses won’t distort images like cheaper readers. See text, details, and objects up close in perfect HD clarity!

Durable and Comfortable

Flimsy readers that scratch easily or bend out of shape are a thing of the past. Kerecsen reading glasses are constructed from high quality materials like shatter-resistant polycarbonate lenses and flexible TR90 frames. You don’t have to worry about damage during daily use.

The lightweight design ensures the readers feel barely there on your face. Adjustable nose pads and spring hinges allow you to customize the fit. The low profile frames won’t poke your temples either. Breathe easy and read for hours without pinching or discomfort!

Rave Reviews

See why Kerecsen readers are a top choice among customers:

“I was having headaches every day after work staring at a computer screen all day. These blue light blocking readers have been a lifesaver!”

“I love the modern style of these cat-eye readers. Much more flattering than the ugly ones from the drugstore.”

“These help so much with my accountant job reading small print all day. My eyes don’t feel nearly as strained now.”

“The color selection is amazing with this 5-pack. I can match them to my outfit!”

“So lightweight and comfortable on my nose compared to heavy plastic frames.”

One Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

We stand behind the quality of Kerecsen reading glasses, backing them with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty. If you experience any defects in materials or workmanship within 1 year of purchase, let us know and we will provide a replacement pair – no questions asked!

Order Your Set Today Risk Free

Why struggle with eye strain or tiny text you can’t quite make out? Give your peepers a break and make reading fun again with this 5-pack of magnification readers that shield against excessive blue light. The fashion-forward designs and vibrant colors ensure you’ll look as good as you feel wearing them. Plus the sturdy construction means they’ll last season after season. Click Add to Cart now to order your set risk free today! We know you’ll love them.


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