Kafirlo Oversized Bifocal Reading Glasses – Stylish Blue Blockers for Computer and Reading



Tired of constantly switching between your regular glasses, reading glasses, and computer glasses? Search no more! Kafirlo’s oversized bifocal reading glasses are the 3-in-1 solution you’ve been looking for.

These innovative glasses feature a no-line progressive bifocal lens that allows you to seamlessly transition between seeing near and far. The upper portion has 0 magnification for distance viewing, while the lower portion magnifies text for reading and computer use. There are no visible lines or jumps between the two viewing zones. Just tilt your head down slightly to access the magnification you need!

The upgraded blue light blocking lens filters out 100% of harmful blue light from digital screens and ambient lighting. This protects your eyes from eye strain, fatigue, and sleep disruption. The lens is crafted from optically correct polycarbonate with an anti-scratch coating for crisp, undistorted viewing. Colors and details will pop through the HD transparency.

In terms of style, the wide square frames are both retro and fashion-forward. Available in classic black and fun transparent grey, they flatter a range of face shapes. The frames are constructed from lightweight, durable plastic with flexible spring hinges for a comfy fit. The arms feature silicone pads to prevent sliding.

Whether you need prescription-free magnification for reading books, newspapers, menus, labels, maps, sewing projects and more, or just want to protect your eyes during long hours on the computer, these bifocals deliver. The no line design and blue light filtering capacity make them an excellent choice for office workers, students, gamers, and anyone who spends a significant portion of their day looking at screens.

The versatile design also works wonderfully for outdoor activities like golf, tennis, cycling, hiking, concerts, driving and traveling. The magnification assists with gauges and maps, while the blue light filtering lenses reduce sun glare.

If you suffer from presbyopia – the age-related loss of near vision – these glasses are here to help! The built-in bifocal magnification eliminates the need to juggle multiple pairs or to crane your neck trying to read.

Key Features:

– Oversized unisex frame with flexible spring hinges
– Flattering shape complements oval, round, square, diamond and heart face shapes
– Nose pads prevent sliding
– No line progressive bifocal lens seamlessly transitions between distance and near vision
– Lower portion of lens magnifies text for effortless reading
– Upper portion has zero magnification for clear distance viewing
– Reduces need to switch between separate reading and distance glasses
– Blue light blocking filters out 100% of harmful blue light from digital screens and ambient lighting
– HD lens clarity and anti-scratch coating
– Comes in Classic Black and Transparent Grey color frames
– Retro yet fashionable style works for all ages
– Useful for indoor and outdoor activities
– Aids viewing of phones, tablets, computers, books, newspapers, menus and more
– Alleviates eye fatigue and strain
– Enhances sleep quality by blocking blue light exposure before bedtime
– Helps with presbyopia age-related near vision loss
– Makes a practical gift for birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, holidays and more

Experience the simplicity of having reading, computer and distance glasses all in one pair! No more cramming multiple glasses in your bag or suffering blurry vision when you inevitably forget to switch pairs. Slip on these multifunctional Kafirlo oversized bifocals for instant clarity whether you’re checking emails, watching TV, doing chores, hobbies, reading or out and about. Your eyes will thank you!


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