JOON-joon Sports Style Reading Glasses for Men – 2 Pairs of Blue Light Blockers



Take on your active lifestyle without compromising vision. The JOON-joon Sports Style Reading Glasses provide men on the go with durable, comfortable blue light blocking readers. With two pairs included, you can keep one at home and one on the move to maximize eye protection.

Blocks Harmful Blue Light Rays

Excessive exposure to blue light wavelengths from phones, tablets, computers and even sunlight can lead to digital eye strain, headaches, and disrupted sleep. The lenses in these sport readers filter out 85% of high-energy blue light while allowing in the beneficial blue wavelengths needed for healthy vision and sleep cycles. Experience relief from eyestrain and other symptoms of too much blue light.

Lightweight Flexibility

The durable yet lightweight plastic frame brings barely-there comfort, weighing just 18g to avoid pressure on your nose and ears. Flexible spring hinges provide a customized fit for different face shapes. Soft rubber nose pads prevent slippage while minimizing irritation on the bridge of your nose. Enjoy outstanding comfort and flexibility whether lounging at home or on the move.

No-Slip Grip

The unique silicone temple tips ensure your reading glasses stay firmly in place without squeezing your head. The textured finish prevents beads of sweat from loosening your grip during vigorous activity or warm weather. Forget about your readers slipping down your nose so you can focus on the tasks and hobbies you enjoy.

Optically Accurate Magnification

Don’t let blurry, distorted vision slow you down! These sports reading glasses deliver clear, accurate magnification whether you’re reading the morning paper, working on your computer, or viewing your phone screen. The lightweight lenses won’t weigh you down yet still allow strain-free viewing for extended periods of time. See clearly while on the go.

Versatile Everyday Use

Take these men’s blue light blocking readers wherever your active lifestyle takes you. The 1.5X magnification lens works well for:

  • Catching up on news, books, or magazines
  • Going over paperwork or reviewing documents
  • Enjoying hobbies that require close-up vision
  • Reducing glare from sunny days or bright screens
  • And much more!

Protect your eyes during life’s many visual challenges.

Durable yet Stylish

The sporty wrap-around shape and sleek black color palette blends fashionable flair with function. The durable plastic frame holds up to drops and active use while the orange accent injects bold personality. Look sharp whether working up a sweat or strolling about town.

Buy with Confidence

We stand behind the quality of our blue light blocking sport readers. If you are not fully satisfied with your purchase, please reach out so we can make it right with a refund or exchange. Healthy eyes and happy customers are our top priority.

Give the Gift of Eye Wellness

Do you have an active reader in your life who could benefit from blocking blue light? These sporty readers make great gifts for:

  • Frequent travelers who work on laptops in transit
  • Outdoor enthusiasts who face sun glare
  • Gamers or TV bingers prone to headache
  • Anyone seeking eye relief from screens

Surprise them with sharp vision and sleek sports style! Reduce eye fatigue and look great doing it with JOON-joon reading glasses. Take on life’s adventures with clear protected vision.


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