JM Anti Blue Light Reading Glasses – 3 Pack Women’s Computer Readers



Love to read but hate eye strain? These JM reading glasses allow you to indulge in books and screens comfortably. The 3 pack includes blue light blocking lenses to filter out visual stress from digital devices. The oversized, vintage square frames add modern, stylish protection.

If you spend hours reading, working or scrolling but suffer headaches and dryness, it’s time for an upgrade. The innovative lenses on these readers block UV and diffuse harsh blue light that tires the eyes. This allows you to focus clearly and comfortably without squinting or pain. Plus, the sleek, colorful frames complement any outfit while correcting your vision.

Key Features

– Blocks 30% of blue light from screens
– Reduces glare and eye fatigue
– Oversized square retro frames
– Magnification options from 1.0x to 4.0x
– Scratch and impact-resistant
– Clear, natural vision
– 3 pairs of readers in gift box

Premium Blue Light Blocking

Don’t sacrifice vision for style! The upgraded UV400 lenses on these readers filter out 90% of UV rays and 30% of intense blue light from 400-455nm. This prevents eye strain from prolonged exposure to phones, tablets, computers and overhead lights. You’ll experience less headaches, dryness, blurry sight and trouble sleeping. The clear lenses also reduce glare and reflections.

Chic, Thick Frames

Flaunt your passion for reading in vintage style! The thick plastic frames measure 5.5 inches wide for a bold, retro look. The glossy colors and matte black pair perfectly with your outfits for work, nights out or lounging at home. The oversized silhouette and angled shape effortlessly complement round, oval, square and heart faces.

Magnified Computer Reading

Stop squinting at screens and books. These reading glasses come in magnification strengths from 1.0x to 4.0x so you can find your ideal level of vision correction. The clear HD lenses provide undistorted viewing in all colors. Order your customary strength or go up a level if your vision has changed.

Lightweight Comfort

The durable plastic frames are flexible and lightweight for comfort. They won’t slip down your nose or leave indentations on your temples. You’ll forget you’re even wearing readers! The adjustable silicone nose pads allow a custom grip. Enjoy chasing absorbed for hours without discomfort.

Premium Accessories

Keep your new readers safe and clean! Each 3 pack comes with a glasses cloth for wiping smudges and fingerprints off the lenses. The included pouch protects your glasses from scratches in your bag. Your readers also come packaged in a JM branded gift box, perfect for treating yourself or gifting.

Treat your eyes right with these multi-functional reading glasses. Look fashionable while preventing headaches and strain from books, phones and computers. The blue light blocking lenses make screen time possible again. Order a 3 pack today for home, work and travel!


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