JJWELL Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses – 3 Pack of Stylish Spring Hinge Readers for Men



Does staring at screens all day leave your eyes feeling tired and strained? Give them a break with JJWELL’s 3 pack of blue light blocking reading glasses for men. These stylish readers filter out 97% of harmful blue light emissions to reduce headaches, blurred vision, and irritation. The sleek metal frames suit any occasion while providing premium visual clarity. Protect your eyes without compromising on looks!

JJWELL’s computer reading glasses allow you to work and relax comfortably. The HD lenses reduce glare and fatigue from digital devices, while blocking 100% of UV rays. Your eyes stay relaxed and focused while using phones, tablets, TVs, laptops, monitors and more. The high-end optics also prevent distorted vision so text remains crisp and clear.

The durable spring hinge frames boast a smart rectangular silhouette ideal for men. Adjustable rubber nose pads prevent slippage for a customized fit too. Give your eyes a stylish shield from blue light strains with JJWELL!

Key Features:

  • Blocks 97% of blue light from electronics
  • Reduces headaches and blurred vision
  • Filters 100% of UVA/UVB rays
  • Spring hinges allow custom fit
  • Scratch and glare resistant lenses
  • Sleek metallic frames flatter men
  • Includes 3 pairs of readers + cases

Serious Blue Light Protection

Let’s face it, our gadgets seem to constantly beckon our attention. We’re checking emails, news, social media, and more in a never-ending cycle. All this screen time can take a real toll on our eyes in the form of eye strain, fatigue, dryness, and headaches.

The culprit is blue light – the high energy wavelengths emitted by our devices. Studies show overexposure can lead to retina damage and disrupted sleep cycles long-term. JJWELL’s computer glasses offer a shield against these side effects.

The lenses block an impressive 97% of blue light waves that electronics give off. This significantly decreases eye irritation and discomfort. The results are noticeable too. No more squinting at your computer or rubbing your eyes after hours of screen time.

JJWELL readers also filter 100% of UVA/UVB radiation. This protects eyes against photo-aging and deterioration from the sun’s rays. Consider them your eye health insurance policy!

Superior Optical Clarity

Of course, glasses won’t do you any good if you can’t see clearly out of them. That’s why JJWELL uses only the highest quality lenses that are resistant to scratches, smudges, and glare. The durable plastic and acrylic material is shatterproof as well.

The lightly tinted lenses reduce reflections while maintaining natural color integrity. Text on screens remains crisp without any distortion. You’ll forget you’re even wearing readers!

With precise diopter measurements, JJWELL ensures the glasses match your vision needs. Whether you require 1.25x, 1.5x, 1.75x or higher magnification, the HD optics prevent blurred vision.

Stylish Metallic Frames

Reading glasses don’t have to look dated or purely clinical. JJWELL’s blue light readers feature sleek metallic frames that flatters men. The durable half rims are crafted from lightweight yet strong materials to comfortably hug the face.

Silicone nose pads prevent the glasses from slipping down your nose. Adjust the arms using the flexible spring hinges until they fit your head perfectly. No need to worry about discomfort behind the ears.

The smart rectangular shape and thin profile give the glasses an contemporary look. At just 135mm wide, they won’t overwhelm your face either. Choose from versatile colors like black, gunmetal, silver, gold and more. Eye protection never looked so good!

Use Them Anywhere You Need Relief

Don’t limit JJWELL’s blue light blocking readers to just office work. They’re ideal for:

  • Using laptops, phones, tablets
  • Watching TV & movies
  • Gaming on screens
  • Driving at night
  • Reading in bright sunlight

Wherever digital eye strain occurs, keep a pair handy. The glasses make an excellent gift for men who are on screens for work or play. Surprise your husband, dad, boyfriend or gamer buddy.

JJWELL even includes a drawstring pouch with each pair, so they’re easy to store and transport. Toss them in your purse, laptop bag, console carry case, and car. Your eyes will thank you!

Worry-Free Purchase

JJWELL stands behind the quality of our blue light blocking glasses. Every order comes with a 1-year money back guarantee and 1-year warranty. Contact our exceptional US-based customer service for any issues.

Don’t settle for cheap glasses that distort your vision. Protect your eyes in style with JJWELL’s 3 pack of blue light readers! Your peepers will thank you.


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