JFXQDR Oversized Polarized Sunglasses for Men



Get noticed in these stylish oversized sunglasses from JFXQDR. Featuring a sleek carbon fiber frame and polarized lenses, these sunglasses make a bold fashion statement while providing functional eye protection.

The lightweight carbon fiber frames flaunt a contemporary square shape with rounded edges, ideal for men with larger heads. Measuring 55mm wide and 144mm across, these are truly an XL fit that makes heads turn. The matte black carbon fiber material looks subtly luxurious while remaining durable and corrosion resistant.

Integrated rubber accents on the arms add grip and comfort. At 139mm long, the arms are designed to fit big heads without pinching or pressure. Silicone nose pads further prevent slipping while keeping you comfortable all day long.

But the real star of these oversized sunglasses is the lens technology. JFXQDR utilizes TAC polarized lenses to effectively reduce glare, sharpen visuals, and protect your eyes from harsh UV rays. The polarization filters scatter reflected light to combat glare from water, snow, glass, and other surfaces. Colors appear more vivid, and your eyes stay relaxed and focused.

The TAC lens material itself provides five key benefits:

1. Impact Resistance – At 1.1mm thick, it’s more impact-resistant than standard lenses.

2. Saltwater Proof – A protective coating makes the lenses impervious to saltwater damage.

3. Anti-Scratch – Added scratch-resistance means the lenses stay clear and flawless.

4. Waterproof & Oil Proof – A special hydrophobic layer causes water and oil to bead off the lenses.

5. Anti-Glare – Subtle etching on the surface diffuses light to reduce eye fatigue.

The result is polarized sunglasses perfect for fishing, boating, driving, traveling, and everyday wear. The lens absorbs 100% of UVA/UVB rays and allows just enough visible light through for comfortable, distortion-free viewing.

The frame shape also provides complete UV protection, blocking stray light from the sides. Rubberized arms increase grip security when worn during physical activity.

With bold, rugged styling made for big heads, these JFXQDR sunglasses make an ideal accessory for:

– Fishing and boating excursions
– Driving and motorcycle rides
– Outdoor sports and athletics
– Beach and tropical vacations
– Casual everyday wear

The oversized square design suits most male face shapes and makes a dramatic fashion statement. For superior polarized protection in a head-turning design, slip on a pair of JFXQDR Oversized Sunglasses. Your eyes will thank you!


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