JALCH Adjustable Focus Glasses – Crisp Vision Both Near and Far



Tired of switching between multiple pairs of glasses to see clearly at different distances? With the JALCH Adjustable Focus Glasses you’ll enjoy crisp, sharp vision both up close and far away with just one pair of glasses!

These revolutionary adjustable focus glasses feature dial knobs on both sides that allow you to seamlessly adjust the magnification strength. Just give the knobs a turn to go from reading vision to computer distance to across the room vision. It’s so easy to dial in the perfect optical clarity for any situation.

Adjustable Strength Reading Glasses

If you suffer from presbyopia and have trouble seeing things up close, these adjustable glasses are the perfect solution. The adjustable focus lenses allow you to customize the magnification strength from +1.00 up to +3.50. Simply turn the dial knob until text or objects become crystal clear when viewed up close. The ability to finetune the optical power means you can always achieve the sharpest reading vision.

Multi-Purpose Computer and Gaming Glasses

Tired of constant eye strain when working on the computer or gaming for hours? The JALCH Adjustable Focus Glasses optimize your eyesight at intermediate computer and gaming distances. Just dial in the focus knobs to the ideal optical power for your screen distance. Say goodbye to eye fatigue and headaches!

Focus Dial Vision for All Situations

The innovative dial knobs allow you to change the focus strength in the blink of an eye. Turn the knobs counterclockwise to increase the magnification for closeup work like reading recipes in the kitchen. Then dial back the strength for clearer vision on the stove controls. Click over to distance vision to check on food cooking inside the oven. Enjoy seamless vision transitions anywhere life takes you!

Flexible and Durable TR90 Frames

The JALCH Adjustable Focus Glasses feature high-quality TR90 frames crafted from ultra light aviation aluminum. The TR90 material provides superior flexibility and durability to withstand daily use. The flexible nature ensures a comfortable fit for all face shapes and sizes. The arms flex for a secure fit behind the ears without pinching or pressure points.

The TR90 frames are also extremely lightweight, so you’ll barely notice you’re wearing them! At just 20 grams total weight, you can wear your adjustable focus glasses all day in cozy comfort. The lightweight design prevents slipping down your nose or leaving marks on your skin.

Sleek Stylish Design

You’ll love the fashionable appearance of these adjustable glasses. The TR90 frame fronts are available in classic colors like Black, Brown Tortoise, and Transparent Crystal. The sleek narrow design gives a contemporary look perfect for men or women. You’ll receive compliments galore on how great these adjustable focus glasses look on you!

Easy to Use Dial Focus Knobs

Using the JALCH Adjustable Focus Glasses couldn’t be simpler. Just turn the dial focus knobs on the temples to instantly adjust the optical power. Each click adjusts the focus by 0.25 diopter strength. Turn counterclockwise to increase magnification for closeup work. Turn clockwise to reduce strength for clearer distance vision. You’ll be amazed how easy it is to optimize your eyesight for any situation.

Crystal Clear Optics

The adjustable focus lenses utilize specialized dynamic power technology to achieve optical clarity from +1.00 to +3.50 magnification. The intelligently designed lens geometry provides the clearest possible vision at any dialed-in focus strength. The wider lens size also maximizes your field of view and eye coverage.

Alleviate Eye Strain and Fatigue

Do your eyes get tired trying to focus on close work like reading? Or strain to see objects clearly across the room? The effortless adjustability of the JALCH Focus Dial Glasses eliminates eye fatigue. Simply optimize the lens strength for whatever you’re looking at. Your eyes relax in complete optical comfort!

One Pair Replaces Multiple Glasses

With most glasses you need to switch between separate pairs for reading, computer, and distance use. With the JALCH Adjustable Focus Glasses you enjoy seamless vision transitions with just one pair. The focus dial replaces the hassle of keeping track of multiple glasses. Just dial in crisp optical clarity for any activity or distance!

Help for Presbyopia and Other Vision Needs

The innovative adjustable lenses help those with:

– Presbyopia – Age-related near vision difficulty
– Myopia – Nearsightedness
– Hyperopia – Farsightedness
– Astigmatism – Blurred vision

Simply dial in the perfect focus strength to offset your vision condition. Enjoy clearer comfort without switching multiple glasses.

Lifetime Breakage Warranty

Your purchase is protected by a lifetime breakage warranty on the frames and lenses. If your adjustable focus glasses ever break from normal use, contact us for a free replacement set. We stand behind our products 100%.

Experience the visual freedom of adjusting your focus instantly to any situation. No more straining to see or headaches from eye fatigue. With the JALCH Adjustable Focus Glasses you’ll enjoy clearer, sharper vision both near and far!


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