HEEYYOK Reading Glasses for Women – 5 Pack Colorful Spring Hinge Readers



Tired of squinting to read small text? Upgrade your vision with this 5 pack of colorful reading glasses from HEEYYOK! These stylish and affordable readers come in a variety of cute patterns to match any outfit.

The lightweight plastic cat eye frame design is both chic and comfortable for all day wear. The spring hinges allow the arms to gently flex for a custom fit. Enjoy crisp, clear vision while reading, crafting, studying, or working on the computer.

5 Vibrant Color Patterns

Each pack comes with 5 distinct pairs of readers. The fun, vibrant colors and patterns include:

– Classic Tortoiseshell Print – Perfect for everyday sophistication
– Pink Marble Swirl – Feminine and playful
– Purple Paisley Print – Bold and artistic
– Green Tropical Leaf – Fresh and nature inspired
– Navy Blue Polka Dots – Retro mod chic

With 5 colors to mix and match, you’ll always have readers to coordinate with your outfit and mood. The cute cat eye shape also adds modern style.

Lightweight Flexible Frames

The plastic frame is both lightweight and durable for comfortable wear. They weigh just 14g, so you’ll barely notice them on your face. The flexible spring hinge temples allow the arms to gently flex to fit the shape of your head.

The smooth, hypoallergenic plastic won’t pinch behind the ears. Adjust the angle of the arms to seat the readers correctly on your nose. The cat eye shape also helps block peripheral light and reflections that can cause squinting.

Crystal Clear Magnification

These reading glasses have clear polycarbonate lenses with ultra precise 3.00 magnification power. This is ideal for seeing small text and details up close.

The lenses have been treated with an anti-reflective coating to prevent glare and reduce eye fatigue. The glasses won’t alter or distort colors while giving you crisp, sharp vision.

All Day Wear & Comfort

The combination of lightweight plastic, spring hinges, and 3.00 magnification makes these glasses ideal for prolonged wear. Comfortably use them for:

– Reading books, magazines, newspapers
– Viewing your phone, tablet, computer
– Sewing, knitting, crafting
– Playing card games
– Studying recipes in the kitchen
– Reading labels in the grocery store
– And more!

The durable construction and precise magnification let you see clearly and comfortably all day, without eye strain.

Keep a Pair Everywhere

Having 5 pairs makes it easy to keep readers accessible wherever you need them most. Place a pair in:

– Your purse or bag for on-the-go use
– Nightstand for before bed reading
– Office desk when working
– Crafting station for hobbies
– Kitchen for reading recipes
– TV room for casual reading

You’ll always have your readers close at hand. No more searching for misplaced glasses or buying multiple pairs.

Quality Materials for Daily Use

Our reading glasses are designed for daily use. The plastic frame is shatter-resistant and won’t warp out of shape over time. The arms stay firmly attached to the frame without loosening.

The scratch-resistant lenses maintain optical clarity after frequent wiping. The durable spring hinges retain their flexibility and “snap back” even with repeated opening and closing. These glasses will provide crisp comfortable vision for many years.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We stand behind our reading glasses 100%. We offer a 90 day money back guarantee along with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty. If you have any issues with the product, we will provide a replacement set or full refund, no questions asked!

Give your eyes a break and look stylish at the same time. Order the HEEYYOK 5 pack womens reading glasses today!


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