Healvian 6 Pack Kids Eye Patches for Lazy Eye Treatment – Single Eye Masks for Amblyopia Training – Adjustable Straps – Reusable Polyester Patch



Help treat lazy eye and amblyopia in children with this 6 pack of high quality eye patches from Healvian. These single eye masks can be worn over one eye to train the weaker eye and improve vision development.

Reusable Training Eye Patches

The eye patches are an ideal tool for lazy eye treatment through occlusion therapy. By covering the stronger eye, it helps force the weaker, amblyopic eye to work harder to develop properly. The patches are reusable so you can use them for daily eye training exercises.

Comfortable, Breathable Material

The patches are made from soft, breathable polyester that is gentle on delicate skin. The lightweight material won’t put pressure on the eyes. The skin can breathe under the patch without getting overly warm. The smooth patch interior won’t scratch or irritate.

Adjustable Strap for Secure Fit

An adjustable elastic strap ensures a customized fit. The strap wraps around the head to hold the patch securely in place over the eye. It adjusts to fit small children to older kids and adults. Just slide the toggle up or down to loosen or tighten to your ideal fit.

Protects Eyes from Sun, Debris and Scratches

The patches can also be used to protect the covered eye from ultraviolet rays, flying debris, scratches and other environmental hazards. The padding acts as a barrier while still allowing some light to pass through.

Aids Recovery After Eye Surgery

These eye patches can aid healing after eye surgery, such as strabismus correction. The soft patch shields and protects the delicate eye post-procedure. Ask your ophthalmologist whether a protective eye patch is recommended after surgery.

Discrete Pirate-Style Design

The simple round shape covers just one eye, ideal for patch therapy. The black material blends in discretely. Kids can embrace the pirate look while training their eye! These also come in a variety of colors.

Ideal for Children and Adults

The adjustable strap allows the eye patch to fit children as young as 3 years old to adults. Occlusion therapy may be recommended to treat persistent amblyopia in older children and adults. All ages can benefit from these comfortable eye patches.

Lazy Eye Treatment Through Occlusion Therapy

Patching the stronger eye forces the brain to use and strengthen the weaker eye, stimulating vision development. Using an eye patch for hours a day can help treat amblyopia and strabismus. Consult an orthoptist or ophthalmologist for occlusion therapy recommendations.

Improves Hand-Eye Coordination

Patching one eye also helps improve hand-eye coordination in kids as they learn to judge distances and perform tasks with limited depth perception. So it provides vision benefits beyond lazy eye treatment.

Reliable Brand

Healvian is a trusted brand that makes quality vision products designed for effectiveness and comfort. Their eye patches are carefully constructed to aid lazy eye training.

Order with Confidence

Treat amblyopia and train the eyes with these reusable kids eye patches from Healvian. Click Add to Cart now to start the patching therapy! Your child’s vision development is worth it.


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