grinderPUNCH Reading Glasses – 2 Pairs of Stylish Computer & Gaming Glasses to Reduce Digital Eye Strain



Tired of getting headaches and eyestrain from staring at screens all day? Wish you could game or work on your devices more comfortably? Introducing the grinderPUNCH Reading Glasses – specially designed to reduce eye fatigue from prolonged digital device use!

These stylish, lightweight reading glasses come in a set of 2 pairs with anti-glare, slight yellow tinted lenses that filter out harsh blue light. This helps prevent eye strain, headaches, and discomfort that can occur from overexposure to LED, LCD, and other digital screens. Plus, the vintage-inspired frame design looks great on both men and women.

Key Features:

Sleek Appearance – Classic acetate frame with spring hinges and subtle transparent yellow tint lenses. Looks sharp while providing visual relief.

Blocks Harmful Blue Light – Lenses filter out blue light that can lead to digital eye strain and disrupt sleep cycles.

Reduces Fatigue & Discomfort – Allows you to use devices like phones, tablets, computers, TVs, and gaming screens more comfortably.

One Size Fits Most Adults – Measures 5.4” wide x 1.8” tall with 5.6” arm length. Universal fit for women and men.

2 Pairs Included – Keep a back up handy or share with a family member or coworker.

Provide Sweet Relief for Your Eyes

If you spend hours each day staring at screens for work, school, social media, or gaming, you know how taxing it can be on your eyes. You may experience tired, dry, irritated eyes, blurry vision, headaches, and neck and shoulder pain.

The grinderPUNCH computer reading glasses have slight magnification and a yellow tint that work together to provide a clearer, sharper viewing experience with less strain. The tint blocks wavelengths of blue light that can be overly stimulating and lead to eye discomfort. This allows you to endure longer periods of screen time without compromising your vision or comfort.

Whether you’re an accountant crunching numbers on spreadsheets, a graphic designer working on projects, a student researching and writing papers, or an avid gamer, these glasses will make viewing your devices much more pleasant.

Stylish Unisex Frames flatter All Face Shapes

The retro-inspired grinderPUNCH reading glasses feature large rounded lenses and transparent frames that complement both masculine and feminine facial features. The glasses measure 5.4 inches wide and sit comfortably without looking bulky or oversized.

The transparent brown frames flatter a variety of skin tones and let your face shine. Spring hinges allow the arms to flex and bend without losing shape. Plus, the arms feature ribbed rubber tips to prevent slipping.

Putting on a pair of grinderPUNCH glasses is like stepping into a time machine back to the 60’s and 70’s when style meant thick frames and vibrancy. Now that vintage look is back to provide both fashion and function for the digital age.

Tackle Long Hours of Computer & Mobile Device Use

Here are just some of the ways the grinderPUNCH reading glasses can benefit you:

Work – If your job has you sitting at a computer for 8+ hours a day, these glasses are a must. Reduce headaches and dry, irritated eyes from spreadsheet glare and harsh office lighting.

School – Tired of getting home from classes with sore, strained eyes? Wear while studying on your laptop, reading ebooks, and researching on screens to help combat discomfort.

Gaming – Level up your gameplay and see enemies clearer without squinting. Game longer with reduced eye fatigue.

Phones/Tablets – Constantly on your phone or tablet? The tinted lenses make using these handheld devices much more comfortable.

TV Viewing – Enjoy shows and movies on your flatscreen without eye strain or headaches from excessive LED light exposure.

Driving – Reduce glare from sun and headlights when behind the wheel. Make night driving safer and easier.

Take Your Vision Health Seriously

Your eyesight is precious. As digital devices continue to be integral in our lives, be proactive about protecting your vision. The grinderPUNCH computer reading glasses offer a simple solution to guard your eyes against the daily strain our tech-driven world places on them.

Give the gift of eye comfort to the screen gazeaver in your life, or get a few sets as part of your business’s ergonomic equipment for employees. Your eyes will thank you!

Add the grinderPUNCH reading glasses with blue light blocking lenses to your cart today and enjoy crisp, clear screen viewing with less strain. Your optimal vision and comfort is worth it.


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