Graudal Unisex Bifocal Transition Photochromic Reading Glasses



Experience clear vision both near and far with Graudal’s unisex bifocal reading glasses. These lightweight TR90 square frames come with proprietary photochromic bifocal lenses for crisp reading vision and glare-free distance sight. The lenses automatically adjust from clear indoors to dark tint outdoors.

Product Features:

  • Bifocal Reading Lenses: Lower segment has added reading power from +1.0 to +3.0. Upper is distance vision.
  • Photochromic Adaptive Tint: Lenses automatically darken in sunlight for glare protection.
  • Anti-Reflective Coating: Reduces reflections and eye fatigue.
  • TR90 Frame: Durable and flexible for comfortable long-term wear.
  • Scratch Resistant: Multi-layer coating protects lenses from scratches.
  • Distortion Free: Precise optics provide undistorted edge-to-edge vision.

Adjustable Bifocal Reading Magnification

Graudal’s photochromic bifocals allow you to see clearly both up close and at a distance without having to switch glasses. The lower segment of the lenses have added reading power for sharp close-up vision while doing tasks like reading, using the computer, or handcrafting.

Choose your perfect magnification strength for reading and close work from +1.0 up to +3.0. Those who require only a small boost in near vision acuity can start with +1.0 or +1.5. For more powerful reading help, choose +2.5 or +3.0.

The upper portion of the lenses have zero magnification for crisp distance sight. Effortlessly switch focus between near and far.

Innovative Photochromic Adaptive Tint

Graudal’s bifocal glasses lenses have special photochromic technology that causes the lenses to automatically darken when exposed to UV light. This provides convenient sunglass protection without needing to carry an extra pair.

When indoors, the lenses remain completely clear and transparent. Outside in direct sunlight, they turn into a grey sunglass tint to shield eyes from excessive glare and harmful rays. The lenses adjust precisely to the amount of UV light present. On overcast days, they only partially activate.

The seamless tint transition prevents having to manually switch lenses. Enjoy comfortable vision in all conditions from bright sunlight to dimly lit environments.

Glare Eliminating Anti-Reflective Coating

Graudal’s bifocal reading glasses have a proprietary multi-layer anti-reflective coating to eliminate lens glare. This provides sharper vision and reduces eyestrain when viewing screens and surfaces that can reflect light.

The anti-reflective system uses advanced optical engineering to neutralize reflections by creating light cancelling interference. This removes distracting glare for more comfortable day-long wear.

With less light bouncing off the lenses back into your eyes, you’ll experience truer color transmission and enhanced contrast when reading or viewing.

Lightweight Flexible TR90 Frames

Built with TR90 frame material, Graudal’s glasses are both durable and lightweight for all-day wear. TR90 nylon fiber isspecially engineered to be flexible and adjust perfectly to your head size and shape.

The material is hypoallergenic and does not easily warp or crack even after repeat bending. Despite being incredibly light, TR90 is highly resistant to breaks and damage.

The transparent square lens shape complements both masculine and feminine facial shapes. The frame measures 145mm wide and 50mm high for expansive visual range.

Protective Scratch Resistant Coating

Graudal uses an innovative 10um thick multi-layer coating to protect the lenses from scratches, dust, smudges, and impacts. By bonding layers into a single uniform film, the surface achieves enhanced hardness to resist damage.

Easily wipe away dirt without worrying about surface scratches. The coating maintains crystal clarity of the optics despite rough handling. Enjoy long lasting visual acuity.

Distortion-Free Edge-to-Edge Vision

Graudal engineered the optics of these bifocal glasses for zero distortion across the entire lens area. Most bifocals and progressives can create warped, improperly focused areas around the edges.

In contrast, Graudal’s technologies allow clear undistorted sight in the reading zone, distance portion, periphery and corners. Experience accurate vision no matter where your eyes look through the lens.

Worry-Free Purchase

We firmly stand behind the quality of our photochromic bifocal reading glasses. Please contact us with any issues so we can promptly correct them for you. We offer full refunds and free replacements.

Shop with confidence knowing we guarantee your satisfaction. Our friendly support team is ready to assist you with any questions or concerns about your Graudal bifocal eyeglasses.

Get Yours Now

Experience comfortable vision both near and far with Graudal’s innovative photochromic bifocal reading glasses. The adjustable tint lenses automatically adapt to ambient light levels. Order your pair today to enjoy glare-free reading and distance sight!


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