Glassesify Fashionable Anti-Blue Light Progressive Reading Glasses for Women



Tired of squinting to read fine print? Struggling to see your phone screen clearly? It’s time to upgrade your vision with Glassesify Women’s Fashionable Anti-Blue Light Progressive Reading Glasses. These lightweight, oversized square reading glasses not only make reading easier, they also filter out harmful blue light from digital screens for all-day comfort.

Step into style and visual clarity with the sleek, oversized square frames of these women’s reading glasses. The ultra-lightweight TR90 frame rests comfortably on your face, so you can wear these glasses for hours without feeling weighed down. The stylish silhouette complements any outfit from business professional to laid-back weekend wear.

But these reading glasses deliver more than just good looks. They also provide essential eye protection and visual assistance. The anti-blue light lenses filter out 90% of harmful blue light emitted from digital screens like cell phones, tablets, and laptops. This protects your eyes from digital eye strain, headaches, and sleep disruption. The progressive lenses have three zones – clear top, intermediate, and reading magnification bottom – to provide crisp vision at any distance whether you’re walking around, working on the computer, or reading a book. No more constantly taking glasses off and on throughout the day. Enjoy seamless vision clarity from sunrise to sunset.

Key Features:

Oversized Square Frames – The on-trend square silhouette flatters all face shapes. Light as a feather TR90 material prevents slipping and discomfort.

Spring Hinges – Flexible spring hinges ensure a customized fit that adapts to your facial contours for all-day comfort. No pinching or pressure points.

Anti-Blue Light – Lenses filter 90% of harmful blue light from digital screens. Prevents headaches, eye fatigue, and sleep issues.

Progressive Lenses – Three viewing zones (clear, intermediate, reading) provide crisp vision at any distance. No need to switch glasses.

Pop these lightweight reading glasses in your purse or pocket and enjoy clear, headache-free vision anywhere. The compact folding design ensures portability and protection. Whip them out anywhere – in the office, lounging at home, commuting, or out to dinner. The oversized frames make reading easier on your eyes without distorting or magnifying your face shape. Whether you’re engrossed in a novel, browsing your phone, or working on your laptop, these glasses have your vision covered.

The chic square silhouette pairs perfectly with casual everyday outfits and dressy occasions alike. Make a stylish statement while improving your vision. The lightweight TR90 frame comes in a variety of colors like black, tortoise, pink, purple, and clear so you can coordinate with your personal style. While ordinary reading glasses do the job, these upgraded glasses make a fashion-forward accessory you’ll love wearing.

Give your eyes a break from squinting and straining. Improve your vision while protecting your eyes from digital damage with Glassesify Women’s Anti-Blue Light Progressive Reading Glasses. The lightweight flexible frame, spring hinges, and advanced lenses make these glasses a pleasure to wear all day long. See the difference clarity and eye comfort can make in your life.


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