Gatuida Silicone Nose Pads – Non Slip Design for a Snug Fit



Stop your glasses from sliding down your nose! Gatuida’s silicone nose pads keep your eyewear securely in place.

Our soft, flexible nose pads:

– Prevent slipping with anti-skid silicone

– Absorb pressure & reduce irritation on the nose bridge

– Allow airflow to reduce fogging & sweating

– Fit most eyeglass frames including reading glasses, sunglasses, and more

The ergonomic contoured design provides a personalized fit. Just peel and stick onto your existing nose pads for instant upgrade. No need for special tools or a trip to the optometrist.

Ditch your old loose, uncomfortable nose pads. Gatuida’s silicone material molds to your nose shape for a snug, custom fit. The soft cushioning feels great all day long without leaving marks.

Get a perfect fit and keep your glasses where they belong – on your face not the floor! Never deal with sliding glasses again.


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