Foster Grant James Men’s and Women’s Multifocus Reading Glasses



Versatile Reading Glasses with Multi-Strength Magnification for Clear Vision at Any Distance

Do you find yourself holding books and menus farther away just to read them clearly? Are you constantly adjusting your glasses when switching between close and far vision tasks? The Foster Grant James Multifocus Reading Glasses can solve these pesky problems! With three magnification powers built into each specially designed lens, these reading glasses provide crisp, comfortable vision at any range.

The James features lightweight unisex frames in classic colors to match any style. The spring hinges allow the arms to gently conform to your head for a customized feel. Soft rubber nose pads prevent slipping so the glasses stay securely in place. But the real innovation lies in the multi-focus lenses.

Each lens contains low, medium and high magnification strengths vertically distributed. Simply glance through the lower portion of the lens for tasks like checking your phone, the middle for reading books and menus, and the upper section when you need extra magnification for fine print and details. It’s like having three pairs of readers in one!

The durable polycarbonate lenses also resist scratches and impacts, with an anti-reflective coating to reduce glares. Now you can see clearly near and far, indoors and out, without constant eyewear adjustments. Discover why customers love the simplicity and versatility of the James Multifocus Reading Glasses. They make a thoughtful gift too!

Key Features:

  • Multi-focus lenses with 1.00x, 1.50x, and 2.00x magnification zones
  • Unisex frame design in classic colors like Black, Tortoise, Purple, Red, etc.
  • Spring hinges and nose pads for customized, non-slip fit
  • Scratch and impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses
  • 5-layer anti-reflective coating to reduce glare
  • Protective case and cleaning cloth included

Seamlessly Shift Between Varying Levels of Magnification

The James Reading Glasses allow you to seamlessly handle tasks that require different levels of visual focus. The three magnification strengths built into each lens are distributed vertically for convenience:

  • Lower 1/3 of lens = 1.00x power for light magnification
  • Middle 1/3 of lens = 1.50x power for intermediate magnification
  • Upper 1/3 of lens = 2.00x power for stronger magnification

There’s no need to switch pairs or juggle multiple readers. Simply glance through the appropriate portion of the James’ multi-focus lenses to instantly get the clarity you need, whether you’re:

  • Reading medication labels, documents or books
  • Working on crafts, hobbies and DIY projects
  • Looking at your smartphone, dashboard or watch
  • Studying maps, recipes and instructions
  • Viewing store shelves, signs and displays from a distance
  • And more! The options are virtually endless.

The James Reading Glasses have your vision needs covered no matter how near or far the task.

Lightweight Frames Offer Customized Comfort and Style

Reading glasses shouldn’t be uncomfortable or pinch your nose and head. The James features durable plastic frames built with your comfort in mind. The unisex design is flattering for both men and women with its rectangular lens shape and streamlined arms.

The spring hinges allow the flexible arms to contour to your head size so you barely notice them. Adjustable rubber nose pads prevent slipping down your nose as you read. Choose classic frame colors like Black, Tortoise, Translucent Purple, Marsala Red and more to match your personal style.

Weighing less than an ounce, the James reading glasses are so lightweight and comfortable, you may even forget you’re wearing them! The customizable fit means they also make great safety glasses and computer glasses to protect your eyes from digital eyestrain.

Protect and Enhance Vision with Scratch-Resistant, Anti-Reflective Lenses

In addition to the specialized multi-focus lenses for excellent magnification at any range, the James Reading Glasses also safeguard your eyes. The polycarbonate lenses are shatter-resistant to prevent damage in case of drops and impacts. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your lenses won’t crack or break easily.

A high-quality 5-layer anti-reflective coating is applied to each lens to significantly reduce glares and reflections that cause squinting and headaches. Ambient light, screens, overhead lighting and other sources can bounce off lenses, obscuring your vision. But the James Reading Glasses neutralize these annoying reflections so you see clearly and comfortably.

The scratch-resistant treatment also helps the lenses maintain their optical clarity over time. Keep them clean and smudge-free with the included microfiber cloth. The protective soft case allows safe storage in your bag, purse or pocket without getting scratched.

Quality Readers Designed for Simplicity from a Trusted Brand

For over 100 years, Foster Grant has crafted innovative, affordable eyewear including readers, sunglasses and blue light blocking glasses. The James Multifocus Reading Glasses continue that commitment to helping people see and look their best. The hassle-free design offers crisp, adjustable magnification powers for all your reading, crafting, driving and computer use needs.

Keep a spare pair handy in your home, office, car and bag – the James Reading Glasses are ready any time your vision needs a boost. Their versatility also makes them a thoughtful gift for mothers, fathers, grandparents, teachers, friends and anyone else who needs reading glasses. Give the gift of clear vision at any range with the James Multifocus Readers.


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