Foster Grant Charlsie Rectangular Reading Glasses for Women



Stylish and Functional Reading Glasses Designed with You in Mind

Do you find yourself squinting to read restaurant menus, prescription labels, text messages, books or anything else? Do glare and reflections from screens, lights and windows make reading a struggle? Then it’s time to try the Foster Grant Charlsie Women’s Rectangular Reading Glasses. With a sleek, flattering design and multi-focus lenses, these glasses provide the style and functionality you need to read comfortably again.

The Charlsie reading glasses feature lightweight plastic frames crafted specifically for a woman’s face with spring hinges for a comfortable, custom fit. The adjustable nose pads allow you to find the perfect position so the frames don’t slide down your nose while reading. Choose from a variety of frame colors like Tortoise, Crystal Mint, Leopard Print, Winter White and more to coordinate with your personal style.

But these reading glasses offer more than just good looks. The multi-focus lenses make them incredibly versatile. Each lens has three magnification strengths – 1.00x, 1.50x and 2.00x – allowing you to seamlessly shift between tasks that require varying levels of focus. Use the lower portion of the lenses to glance at your phone, the middle for reading books and menus, and the top when you need extra magnification for small text and details. No more switching between separate readers or holding text far away just to see it clearly. With the Charlsie multifocal reading glasses, everything is in focus.

The polycarbonate lenses also provide scratch resistance and impact resistance, so minor bumps and drops won’t ruin them. A special 5-layer anti-reflective coating reduces annoying glare and reflections from windows, lamps, screens and more. The clear, crisp vision you’ll experience will make reading and other close-up activities enjoyable again.

To keep your new Charlsie reading glasses in optimal condition, a protective case and cleaning cloth are included. The soft fabric pouch protects the lenses and frame from damage when not in use. Simply slip the glasses in the case and toss it in your purse, bag or pocket for safe storage and easy access. The microfiber cloth cleans smudges and fingerprints off the lenses so they stay crystal clear.

With over a century of experience crafting eyewear, Foster Grant is a trusted brand known for affordable, innovative glasses for all ages and needs. The Charlsie Women’s Rectangular Reading Glasses continue that tradition with their combination of style, convenience and value. Give your eyes a break and make reading enjoyable again with these multi-strength magnifying glasses.

Key Features:

  • Multi-focus lenses with 1.00x, 1.50x and 2.00x magnification strengths for seeing clearly at varying distances
  • Lightweight plastic frames designed to flatter women with spring hinges for a comfortable fit
  • Adjustable nose pads prevent slipping
  • Available in stylish color options like Tortoise, Leopard Print, Crystal Mint and more
  • Scratch-resistant polycarbonate lenses for durability
  • 5-layer anti-reflective coating minimizes glare and reflections
  • Protective soft fabric case and microfiber cleaning cloth included

Seamlessly Shift Between Tasks Requiring Different Levels of Magnification

The unique multi-focus lenses make these Foster Grant reading glasses incredibly versatile. Each lens contains three magnification strengths – 1.00x, 1.50x and 2.00x – vertically distributed. Simply glance through the bottom of the lenses for mild magnification needed for tasks like checking your phone, the middle for menu reading and books, and the top for fine print and details requiring extra help. There’s no need to constantly switch between separate readers or hold items at awkward distances just to see clearly. With the Charlsie multifocal glasses, everything is already in focus.

Whether you’re:

  • Reading medicine labels, ingredient lists and nutritional information
  • Looking over receipts, bank statements and documents
  • Glancing at your smartphone, tablet or watch
  • Poring over maps, cookbooks and magazines
  • Working on hobbies and crafts requiring precision
  • Making out street signs and building numbers

The vertical distribution of magnification powers in these rectangular reading glasses has you covered. Keep your head up and eyes comfortable as you seamlessly shift between varying tasks.

Flattering, Lightweight Frames Offer a Comfortable, Customizable Fit

The Charlsie reading glasses feature stylish plastic frames designed specifically with women in mind. The geometric shape and on-trend transparent or tortoiseshell colors are both fashionable and flattering for different face shapes. Spring hinges provide a comfortable grip that adjusts to the size and contour of your head.

Soft rubber nose pads prevent the lightweight frames from sliding down your nose as you read. Simply bend the nose pads for your perfect fit to prevent slipping and discomfort over time. The glasses feel barely noticeable thanks to the featherlight construction. Forget you’re even wearing them!

The frame colors and patterns available allow you to coordinate with your personal style and outfits. Choose from classic Black, Tortoise and Leopard Print options as well as fun colors like Pink Aztec, Winter White, Crystal Teal and Crystal Mint. With so many possibilities, you can switch up your look daily!

Protect Your Eyes While Reducing Glare, Reflections and Eye Strain

In addition to magnifying text and objects up close, these reading glasses also protect your eyes and improve vision. The durable polycarbonate lenses are shatter-resistant, preventing damage if the glasses are accidentally dropped or bumped while in use. A special anti-reflective coating applied in five layers helps tremendously with eye comfort.

The anti-reflective treatment significantly reduces annoying glares and reflections that distorted vision and caused eyestrain. Lights, lamps, windows and screens all contain surfaces that can bounce light into your eyes, making them work extra hard to see. But with the Foster Grant Charlsie reading glasses, distracting reflections are neutralized so you can read comfortably for longer periods.

The crisp, clear vision provided by the scratch-resistant, anti-reflective lenses makes reading and close work enjoyable. Plus, the included protective case and cleaning cloth help maintain the lenses so you always have a smudge, scratch and glare-free view.

Trust an Industry Leader Known for Quality, Innovation and Value

With over 100 years of experience crafting quality eyewear, Foster Grant is a name you can trust. All their reading glasses and sunglasses undergo rigorous testing to ensure durability, optical clarity and UV protection. The Charlsie Women’s Rectangular Reading Glasses continue that tradition of innovation, style and affordability that has made Foster Grant a leader in the industry.

Give the gift of comfortable reading and crystal clear vision to a loved one. The Charlsie reading glasses make a thoughtful present for moms, grandmothers, sisters, wives, friends and coworkers. Keep a few spare pairs on hand for yourself so you always have readers handy at home, work and on the go. Foster Grant provides stylish magnification you can rely on.


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