FONHCOO Blue Light Blocking Glasses – Flip-Up Anti Eyestrain Clip-Ons for Women & Men



Relieve Digital Eye Strain with These Clever Flip-Up Blue Light Blocking Glasses!

Do your eyes feel tired and irritable after long days staring at screens? Say goodbye to discomfort with these innovative clip-on blue light blocking glasses! Just flip the clear lenses up or down over your existing eyewear to filter out harmful blue light from devices. Plus, experience zero color distortion or magnification – just crisp, easy viewing.

Flip Lenses Up When Not In Use

Don’t want to wear your blue light glasses at the moment? No problem! The clever flip-up design allows you to gently lift the lenses up and out of your line of vision. No need to remove the glasses completely or find a place to store them. Just flip up the lenses until you need them again. The frames weigh only 0.15 lbs, so you’ll barely notice them.

Blocks Harmful Blue Light Rays

Exposure to blue light waves from computer monitors, phones, tablets, and other screens causes digital eye strain. Symptoms like dry eyes, blurry vision, headaches, and trouble sleeping can result. These blue light blocking glasses filter out the high energy visible (HEV) blue-violet light for more comfortable viewing.

0% Color Distortion or Magnification

The crystal clear, non-tinted lenses won’t alter the colors or details you see on screen. No more squinting to read tiny text either – the 0X magnification lenses don’t make things bigger or smaller. See the real, undistorted image clearly and comfortably.

Versatile Clip-On Design

The glasses clip on securely over most existing eyewear – including prescription glasses or sunglasses. Built-in silicone pads prevent scratches on your regular lenses too. The sturdy yet flexible stainless steel clip and soft rubber sleeve provide a comfortable, customizable fit.

Reduce Eye Fatigue for Work, School & Play

Whether you’re an office worker burning the midnight oil, a student cramming for online exams, or a gaming enthusiast, your eyes need a break! These flip-up blue light blocking glasses are perfect for relieving eye strain during:

– Long work days staring at a computer
– Online classes and Zoom meetings
– Gaming marathon sessions
– Binge watching movies & videos
– Scrolling social media endlessly

Give your eyes a much needed break and look good too with these clever clip-on blue light glasses!


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