Flexible Reading Glasses – Lightweight & Stylish Half Moon Magnifiers for Men & Women



See Clearly and Look Good Too with These Sleek, Flexible Reading Glasses!

Struggling to read the newspaper? Have trouble making out restaurant menus? Don’t let blurry vision slow you down! This pair of lightweight, flexible reading glasses allows you to magnify text easily. The slim, stylish half moon design won’t overwhelm your face or distract from your fabulous look.

Flexibility for All Day Comfort

The flexible frame and arms on these reading glasses bend to fit YOU – not the other way around! The durable TR90 memory plastic material springs right back into shape even after being twisted and folded. No more arms pulling at your ears or nose pads chafing sensitive skin. Just pure comfort all day long.

Ultra Lightweight Design Weighs Almost Nothing

At just 14.2g total weight, you’ll barely notice these magnifier glasses on your face. The lens and frame together weigh less than an egg! The half moon shaped lenses further reduce weight compared to traditional full framed reading glasses. Forget about bulky, heavy glasses sliding down your nose – these stay comfortably in place.

Subtle & Stylish Half Moon Shape

The chic half moon lens shape provides a wide field of vision while drawing the eye towards your beautiful face – not the spectacles. At just 48mm wide, the lenses are large enough to easily view text yet small enough to be casual and discreet. The 19mm bridge creates a stylish look.

Non Slip Grips Keep Glasses in Place

Silicone pads on the flexible temples prevent sliding and slippage, even when looking down at a book or work. No need to keep pushing your spectacles back up the bridge of your nose. The handy grips allow the glasses to gently hug your head without pinching or pressure.

Ideal Magnification for Reading

The crystal clear polycarbonate lenses minimize distortion for headache-free viewing. Choose from a range of magnification strengths:

+1.00 for reading small ingredients on food packages
+1.50 for bumping up smartphone font
+2.00 for newspapers and books
+2.50 for extra fine print

See the whole world more clearly and comfortably with these ultralight flexible half eye reading glasses! They make a wonderful gift for seniors, parents, and book lovers who need just a bit of magnification.


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