FEISEDY Square Cat Eye Reading Glasses Blue Light Blocking Women Fashion Cateye Reader B4121



Step into a world of stylish vision care with the FEISEDY Square Cat Eye Reading Glasses. These chic and modern reading glasses feature a sleek cat eye frame design that flatters a variety of face shapes. The striking square silhouette adds a bold, geometric touch for a modern fashion-forward look. Durable and lightweight, these reading glasses are comfortable enough for all-day wear. The plastic cat eye frame is offered in a range of on-trend colors like tortoiseshell, leopard print, clear and more to complement your personal style.

Not just a fashion statement, these reading glasses are equipped with lenses that filter out harmful blue light from digital screens. The special coating blocks high energy visible (HEV) light wavelengths from smartphones, tablets, computers and other electronics. Too much exposure to blue light can lead to digital eye strain, headaches, blurry vision and sleep disruption. By filtering out the most damaging blue light rays, these reading glasses allow you to view screens more comfortably for longer periods. The lenses also reduce glare to combat eye fatigue.

The lightweight cat eye reading glasses are available in a variety of magnification strengths, ranging from 1.00x to 3.50x power. The lower powers like 1.00x to 2.00x are ideal for reading small text and seeing sharper detail up close. Higher powers like 2.25x to 3.50x provide stronger magnification for reading fine print and tasks requiring close-up vision. The crystal clear polycarbonate lenses offer optimal visual clarity and scratch resistance. The lenses measure 55mm wide and 43mm in height.

Designed with everyday comfort in mind, these blue light blocking reading glasses feature soft rubber nose pads to prevent skin irritation. The curved temple arms have silicone grip pads at the ends to keep the eyeglasses securely in place. Durable spring hinges allow the arms to flex smoothly when putting the glasses on and taking them off. The plastic frames have a lightweight feel for comfortable wear all day long.

To determine your ideal magnification strength:

– 1.00x-1.50x: Viewing computer screen, distant vision

– 1.75x-2.00x: Reading books, newspapers, magazines up close

– 2.25x-2.75x: Reading fine print and detailed work like sewing

– 3.00x-3.50x: Stronger magnification for reading prescription bottles,price tags

Simply measure your arm’s length and hold the text you want to read that distance away. The power you can comfortably read at arm’s length is your ideal magnification strength. If the text appears blurry, go up 0.25x-0.50x stronger until the text looks clear and sharp.

With their stylish cat eye silhouette, blue light blocking lenses, and range of color choices, these functional yet fashionable reading glasses are perfect for:

– Work – Viewing computer screens, reading documents

– School – Studying textbooks, taking notes

– Home – Reading books, doing crafts and hobbies, viewing TV

– Travel – Reading maps and travel guides, viewing phone/tablet when commuting

The FEISEDY Square Cat Eye Reading Glasses not only correct vision, but also protect your eyes from digital strain. Their chic style flatters a wide range of face shapes and makes reading glasses an everyday fashion accessory. Why settle for basic reading glasses when you can enjoy vision correction and protection along with trendy good looks? Upgrade your eyewear wardrobe with these cat eye blue light blocking reading glasses today!


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