FEISEDY Blue Light Blocking Glasses – Stylish Cat Eye Frame Reduces Digital Eye Strain



In today’s digital world, we spend more time than ever staring at screens – phones, tablets, computers, and TVs bombard our eyes with harmful blue light that can lead to headaches, eye fatigue, and sleep disruption. FEISEDY’s blue light blocking glasses are specifically designed to filter out this intense blue light and provide relief for your eyes.

The stylish oversized cat eye frame not only looks great on, but provides maximum coverage to block blue light from all angles. The specially formulated lenses have a slight yellow tint that filters out the harshest blue light wavelengths. This helps reduce eyestrain, headaches, and fatigue from prolonged screen time. The result is happier, healthier eyes whether you’re working, watching videos, or scrolling on your phone.

These glasses aren’t just functional – they make a fashion statement too. The cat eye shape and pearl inlaid arms add a touch of retro elegance that looks great on women and men alike. At 65mm wide and 67mm tall, the lenses are large enough to protect your entire field of vision. Anti-slip pads on the nose bridge keep them comfortably in place without pinching or leaving marks.

FEISEDY’s blue light glasses are designed with busy digital lifestyles in mind. Their lightweight TR90 frame is durable enough for everyday wear. The scratch-resistant lenses hold up well to frequent use and can be worn over prescription glasses. They provide just the right amount of color filtration to reduce eye fatigue without distorting colors or clarity.

Whether you suffer from chronic headaches/migraines, have trouble sleeping, or just want to protect your eyes from prolonged screen time, these glasses can help. Their stylish design also makes them perfect for:

Driving – Reduces glare and eye fatigue from long hours on sunny roads. Improves night vision and reduces headlight glare.

Office Work – Filters flickering fluorescent lights and screens. Reduces headaches and eyestrain from computers, tablets, and phones.

Gaming – Decreases eye irritation from monitors. Enhances contrast and visual detail for competitive play.

TV & Movie Watching – Diminishes strain from LED/OLED screens. Lets you watch for hours without tired eyes.

Studying – Minimizes distractions and eye fatigue reading digital textbooks or tablets.

Trouble Sleeping – Blocks sleep-disrupting blue light for improved nighttime viewing. Helps increase melatonin.

Using Devices at Night – Allows you to text, read, or check social media in bed without affecting sleep cycles.

Tired eyes and headaches don’t have to be the price you pay for living in the digital age. FEISEDY’s blue light blocking glasses let you stay productive and entertained without unnecessary eye strain. Their durable, lightweight design and scratch-resistant lenses are perfect for everyday wear. The stylish cat eye frame and blue light filtering lenses make them useful and fashionable.

Experience the difference blue light blocking glasses can make. Order FEISEDY’s innovative eyewear now to protect your vision and feel better all day long!

Product Details

  • Lenses: 65mm wide x 67mm tall with durable anti-scratch/anti-reflective coating
  • Frame: Oversized cat eye shape with chic pearl inlay arms. Made from lightweight, durable TR90 material
  • Nose Pads: Comfortable anti-slip pads prevent pinching and indentation
  • Temples: 141mm length for secure fit. Designed not to snag or tangle hair.
  • Lens Color: Slight yellow tint filters out high energy blue light while preserving color accuracy and clarity
  • UV Protection: 100% UVA/UVB radiation blocking
  • Blue Light Filter: Reduces eye fatigue, strain, and headaches from extended screen time
  • Sleep Aid: Blocks sleep-disrupting blue light wavelengths for improved nighttime use
  • Glare Reduction: Cuts oncoming headlight and sun glare to improve driving visibility
  • Anti-Reflective: Minimizes distracting reflections and eye fatigue

FEISEDY Blue Light Glasses Benefits:

  • Filters intense blue light from phones, computers, tablets, TVs, and fluorescent lights
  • Reduces headaches, eyestrain, fatigue, dry/irritated eyes from screen time
  • Stylish cat eye frame design complements a wide variety of face shapes
  • Scratch/fog resistant lenses maintain clarity after frequent use
  • Comfortable lightweight TR90 frame won’t cause temple discomfort
  • Helps improve sleep quality when using devices at night
  • Enhances driving visibility and reduces sun/headlight glare
  • Minimizes eye fatigue from studying/reading on tablets or e-readers
  • Alleviates migraines/headaches triggered by prolonged digital device use
  • Blocks UV and HEV radiation to protect eye health

Multiple Uses:

  • Reading tablets/e-readers/digital textbooks
  • Working at a computer for extended periods
  • Watching TV, gaming, and other screen activities
  • Driving day or night to reduce sun and headlight glare
  • Using digital devices in low light or at night
  • Protecting eyes from intense overhead lighting
  • Reducing migraines/headaches from screen overuse
  • Recovering from laser eye surgery
  • Improving sleep when using screens before bed
  • Minimizing eye irritation from looking at phones/tablets

Ideal for:

  • Students – Studying on computers, tablets, phones
  • Gamers – Reducing eye fatigue during long sessions
  • Professionals – Office work on computers and devices all day
  • Drivers – Cuts glare and eye strain on sunny/night roads
  • TV Watchers – Minimizes headaches/strain from binge watching
  • Light-sensitive eyes – Filters fluorescent lights and overhead glare
  • Migraine sufferers – Prevents headaches triggered by blue light
  • Those with trouble sleeping – Allows safer nighttime device use
  • LASIK/PRK patients – Protects eyes post-surgery
  • Contact lens wearers – Reduces dryness and irritation

FEISEDY’s blue light blocking glasses are the stylish, affordable way to protect your eyes in today’s digital world. Their innovative lenses filter out the most damaging blue light wavelengths without distorting colors or clarity like cheaper glasses. The chic cat eye frame complements all face shapes while providing full coverage.

Don’t let eye strain and headaches hold you back. Improve how you work, play, and live with FEISEDY blue light blocking glasses!


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