Ezweiji Stainless Steel Eyeglass Pliers – Precision Adjusting Tool for Opticians and DIY Repairs



As an optician, jewelry maker, or avid DIYer, having the right tools makes repair work much easier. Ezweiji’s eyeglass pliers allow you to expertly adjust frames and nose pads for a custom fit.

Constructed from durable stainless steel, these precision pliers will be a go-to item in your repair kit for years to come. The sharp, non-slip design gives you complete control for intricate adjustments on all types of frames and parts.

Durable Rust-Resistant Stainless Steel Construction

The adjusting pliers are crafted from high quality 214 stainless steel that won’t easily bend or break with use. They are also rust-resistant so you can confidently use them without corrosion issues even in humid environments.

At 6 inches long and weighing just over 3 ounces, the pliers feel substantial in your hand while still being lightweight enough for comfortable maneuvering. The stainless steel material gives you the strength needed to gently bend metal frames without snapping them.

Sharp Precision Tip for Detailed Work

A key feature of these eyeglass pliers is the ultra fine tip which allows for intricate adjustments and placements. The sharp pointed jaws let you make micro adjustments or reach tiny crevices.

Whether you need to delicately reshape a wire arm, tighten a loose screw, or replace a lens, the narrow tip on Ezweiji’s pliers provides the precision control required. The sharp tip also makes quick work of pulling out stuck pins or bits of debris.

Textured Handles Prevent Slipping

The vinyl handles on these eyeglass pliers feature a wavy grip pattern to keep them securely in your hands. The textured finger grooves prevent slipping as you work for maximum control and safety.

Adjusting frames often requires applying targeted pressure. The non-slip handles on the Ezweiji pliers allow you to confidently grip and direct force precisely where needed without losing your hold.

Hole Holds Frame Steady For Adjustments

A unique hole at the pliers’ joint is designed to hold your frame or glasses parts in place while you work. Just insert the frame nose piece or arm into the hole to keep it stabilized as you leverage the specialized pliers tip to bend and adjust.

The hole keeps your work steady so both hands are free to finesse the adjustments for the perfect custom fit. The integrated holder makes tweakng frames quick and easy.

Ideal for Opticians, Repair Shops, and DIY Fixes

Ezweiji’s high quality eyeglass pliers are ideal for professional optician work or repair shops thanks to the specialized precision tip and durable steel construction. The pliers provide the delicacy needed for custom adjustments to frame nose pads, arms, bridges, and more.

Avid DIYers will also find the pliers indispensable for eyeglass repairs at home. Fix a bent frame arm, replace a dislodged screw or pad, or modifies frames for a better fit. The integrated frame holder is especially helpful for beginners.

Keep Ezweiji’s adjusting pliers within reach and tackle eyeglass mends and tweaks like a pro.

Customer Service You Can Rely On

Ezweiji provides caring customer service support if you have any issues with your eyeglass pliers. We back our adjusting tools with a money-back guarantee so you can purchase worry-free.

Give your repair skills a boost with Ezweiji’s specialized stainless steel eyeglass pliers. Order a pair today!


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