EYEURL Half Frame Reading Glasses for Women-5 Pack Blue Light Blocking Glasses Stylish Computer Readers with Spring Hinges



Tired of squinting to read the newspaper or see your phone screen clearly? Say goodbye to eye strain with the EYEURL Half Frame Reading Glasses 5 pack. These fashionable and functional blue light blocking glasses will have you looking sharp while protecting your eyes.

The EYEURL reading glasses feature a slim half frame design that sits comfortably and stylishly on your face. The half moon shaped lenses let you glance down to read then back up to see your surroundings without having to constantly push your glasses up and down. The rimless bottom gives an open and contemporary look. Choose from 5 colors – Black, Pink, Purple, Brown, and Red – to match your personal style.

But these reading glasses aren’t just about looks. The lenses block harmful blue light that emanates from digital screens, phones, fluorescent lighting, and more. Blue light can lead to digital eye strain, headaches, and sleep disruption when used for extended periods. The EYEURL glasses filter out over 95% of blue light while eliminating glare. This means you can use your devices and read in comfort for longer. UV400 protection keeps your eyes safe from ultraviolet rays as well.

The adjustable spring hinges allow the temples to flex outwards up to 25 degrees. This custom fit prevents slippage while ensuring the half frames sit comfortably on your face all day long. The hinges also allow the glasses to fold up for protection in your bag or purse when not in use.

Whether you need help reading menus in dim restaurants, work on the computer for hours on end, or just want to watch TV comfortably, having multiple pairs means you’re prepared. Keep a pair handy in your bedroom, office, living room, and bag. The large 5 pack ensures you always have your EYEURL reading glasses when you need them.

At EYEURL, every pair of blue light blocking glasses undergoes strict quality control and inspection. We double check the packaging to make sure your order arrives intact. Our customers’ satisfaction is our top priority. If you have any issues or questions, please reach out to our customer service team. We will work to make things right.

Upgrade your reading experience and protect your vision with the EYEURL Half Frame Reading Glasses 5 Pack today!

Product Details

Lenses Block Harmful Blue Light and Glare

– Proprietary lenses filter out over 95% of blue light from phones, computers, fluorescent lighting, and more
– Reduces headaches, eyestrain, and sleep disruption caused by prolonged blue light exposure
– UV400 protection filters out 100% of UVA/UVB rays
– Anti-glare coating eliminates reflections and glare from screens or shiny surfaces

Stylish and Contemporary Half Frame Design

– Chic half frame shape with rimless bottom provides an open, modern look
– Half moon shaped lenses allow glancing down to read or up to see surroundings
– Lightweight and durable frame sits comfortably for all-day wear
– Adjustable spring hinges prevent slippage and allow glasses to flex
– Frame arms fold inward for compact storage in case or bag

5 Pack Provides Reading Glasses For Every Situation

– Keep multiple pairs handy in your bedroom, office, living room, bag, and car
– Variety of frame colors – Black, Pink, Purple, Brown, Red
– Prepared for reading, computer use, watching TV, and other close-up tasks
– Great for restaurant menus, knitting projects, newspapers, books, and more
– Perfect gift for women who need reading glasses

Rigorously Tested for Quality and Durability

– Each pair inspected for proper fit, lenses, and packaging
– Durable spring hinges tested for over 100,000 flex cycles
– Scratch-resistant lenses tested with steel wool for surface defects
– Frames made from lightweight, flexible TR90 material for comfort
– Exceeds safety standards for glass lenses and frame durability

Why Choose EYEURL Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses?

Protect Your Eyes

Extended exposure to blue light from screens and fluorescent lighting can lead to digital eye strain, headaches, disrupted sleep patterns, and eye fatigue. The EYEURL glasses filter out over 95% of high-energy blue light while eliminating glare. This protects your eyes and lets you work and read comfortably for longer periods.

Find Your Perfect Pair

With 5 pairs of reading glasses in various colors, you can pick the one that matches your personal style. Keep backups handy wherever you need them. The half frame design is flattering for different face shapes. Adjustable spring hinges provide a custom fit.

Enjoy Crystal Clear Vision

The transparent, lightweight lenses won’t alter or distort colors while giving you the magnification power you need for reading and close-up work. Anti-reflective and anti-glare coatings reduce eye strain from bright screens or surfaces.

Feel Good Supporting A Small Business

EYEURL is a small business dedicated to helping visually impaired people lead active, independent lives. Your purchase allows us to donate glasses to those in need and continue innovating new products.

We Guarantee Your Satisfaction

We stand behind our reading glasses with a risk-free purchase. If you don’t love your EYEURL Half Frame Blue Light Blocking Glasses, return them for a full refund or replacement. We want you to be fully satisfied with your order.

Give your eyes a break and order your pack of EYEURL Reading Glasses today!


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