EYEphd Multi-Focus Photochromic Women’s Progressive Reading Sunglasses



Stay stylish and see clearly near and far with the EYEphd Multi-Focus Progressive Reading Sunglasses. These innovative women’s reading glasses combine multiple focusing zones, anti-glare protection, and photochromic lenses that change tint in sunlight. The lightweight plastic frame boasts a fashionable cat eye shape designed for the female face.


– Multi-focus progressive lenses for continuous clear vision at all distances

– Photochromic lenses darken automatically outdoors and lighten indoors

– Anti-reflective coating prevents glare and eye strain

– Plastic cat eye frame designed specifically for women

– Spring hinges and adjustable nose pads ensure a comfortable fit

– Available powers from +1.00 to +3.00

No More Switching Glasses

As we age, the lenses in our eyes lose elasticity, making it difficult to focus on objects close-up. Reading glasses become a necessity for tasks like books, computers, menus, maps, and more. However, separate single vision readers leave you straining to see distances clearly again.

With EYEphd progressive lenses, you can see clearly near and far—all without switching glasses. The varifocal design provides a smooth transition of focus. The lower portion magnifies text while the upper is optimized for distance. The intermediate zone seamlessly covers screens and dashboards. With continuous sharp vision, you can conquer presbyopia in style and comfort.

Innovative Photochromic Technology

The EYEphd lenses incorporate advanced photochromic technology that reacts to changes in light. Indoors, the lenses remain clear for comfortable reading and computer use. Outdoors, they automatically darken to a sunglasses tint to filter glaring sunlight and UV rays.

The reactive lenses eliminate the need to carry separate prescription or reading sunglasses. Enjoy comfortable vision while basking on the beach, driving, boating, golfing, hiking, and more. You’ll always have the perfect tint for your environment.

Sleek and Feminine Cat Eye Frame

Don’t settle for boring unisex designs meant for men. The EYEphd reading sunglasses feature a chic cat eye frame designed specifically for the contours of the female face. The angled, upswept shape flatters varying face shapes for a universally flattering look.

The durable plastic frame is both lightweight and comfortable. Adjustable rubber nose pads prevent slipping. Spring loaded hinges allow the arms to flex and fit any head size. The feminine aesthetic and functionality make these the perfect progressive reading sunglasses for women.

Advanced Lens Technology

Inside the stylish frame, the lenses utilize advanced technology for superior optics. The anti-reflective coating eliminates glare for improved night vision and driving. UV400 protection filters 100% of UVA/UVB radiation from all angles. Your eyes stay protected wherever the day takes you.

The durable, scratch-resistant plastic lenses hold up to your active lifestyle. Choose from a range of magnifying powers up to +3.00 to tackle presbyopia. The EYEphd multi-focus sunglasses have you covered from books to beaches and everything between.

One Pair Does It All

Stop rummaging through your bag for readers when you want to see up close. Avoid having to switch between separate reading, driving, and sunglasses. With EYEphd’s innovative multifocal photochromic lenses, one pair of glasses provides continuous clear vision indoors and out.

The lightweight design and trendy feminine style make these sunglasses a pleasure to wear. Look fabulous while conquering age-related vision changes. The EYEphd progressive reading sunglasses are truly vision eyewear for the modern woman.


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