Eyekepper Vintage Round Reading Glasses – Stylish Mini Readers for Men and Women



Featuring a chic, retro-inspired design, these Eyekepper reading glasses offer clear magnification in a compact frame. The lightweight oval shape flatters various face types while the grey color pairs seamlessly with any outfit. Spring hinges allow a customized fit for all day comfort.

Vintage Styling

These reading glasses showcase a vintage oval frame shape that is both flattering and timeless. The transparent grey frames feature subtle cat eye inspired angles. This retro-chic look complements casual or professional attire for men and women. The oval lenses measure 38mm wide by 29mm high.

The lightweight plastic frame features spring hinges for optimal comfort and fit. The arms flex gently to contour to the shape of your head. This allows the 125mm wide frames to sit securely and comfortably on your face throughout the day.

Crystal Clear Magnification

The lenses offer clear 1.25 power magnification for reading small text and doing close-up tasks. This diopter strength is ideal for individuals with emerging presbyopia and those needing a boost for reading books, newspapers, magazines and screens.

The lenses are composed of durable plastic to resist scratches. They provide distortion-free viewing thanks to precision manufacturing. Both lenses offer uniform magnification power for crisp vision enhancement.

Reduced Eye Strain

The magnified lenses reduce eye strain caused by squinting at fine print. The glasses allow you to read comfortably for longer periods. They are perfect for reading in dim lighting or viewing detailed tasks.

The lightweight plastic frame stays comfortably in place during wear. You can read hands-free without neck strain or annoyance. The glasses won’t leave marks on your skin, even after prolonged use.

Multiple Size Options

The Eyekepper reading glasses are available in a range of magnification powers from 1.0 to 3.5. Choose the strength that provides the vision enhancement you need for effortless reading and close work. Lenses are also offered in a selection of sizes from 45mm to 60mm wide.

The glasses come in a variety of frame colors like black, tortoise, brown, purple and clear. Mix and match magnification powers and frame colors to suit your personal style and vision needs.

Durable and Portable

The plastic frames and lenses are durable and lightweight at just 18g. The glasses resist damage from drops, scratches and everyday wear. Keep them safe in the included soft case when not in use.

The compact reader glasses easily fit in pockets and purses for portability. Have them handy to pull out as needed for reading menus, labels and other small text.

Experience effortless vision enhancement with these stylish and comfortable Eyekepper reading glasses. Order a pair today.


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