Eyekepper Half-Rim Blue Light Blocking Computer Reading Glasses – Protect Your Eyes in Style



Staring at digital screens all day can take a toll on your eyes. Reduce fatigue and strain while looking sharp in the Eyekepper Half-Rim Computer Reading Glasses. The lightweight titanium frame blocks harmful blue light emitted from phones, tablets, computers and more. Yellow-tinted lenses filter glare and increase contrast for comfortable viewing. An anti-reflective coating minimizes reflections.

Key Features:

  • Half-rim titanium frame with spring hinges
  • Blue light blocking lenses reduce digital eye strain
  • Yellow tint increases contrast and blocks glare
  • Anti-reflective coating prevents distracting reflections
  • Available in magnification strengths from +0.00 to +3.50
  • Pupil distance of 59-63mm
  • 52mm wide x 38mm high lenses
  • 5 5/16” wide x 1 9/16” high frame
  • 5 3/8” long arms

Reduce Fatigue from Digital Screens

Prolonged use of phones, tablets, computers and televisions can lead to tired, dry eyes. The blue light emitted from their displays overstimulates the retina, disrupting your natural sleep-wake cycle. Eyekepper designed these glasses to filter up to 90% of this harmful blue light.

The tinted lenses also cut down on glare and reflected light that strains your eyes. Whether you work in front of a computer all day or are constantly checking your phone, these glasses allow you to see screens more comfortably. The enhanced contrast makes details pop for easier viewing. An anti-reflective coating minimizes distracting reflections and glare.

Stylish Half-Rim Frame

The Eyekepper Computer Reading Glasses feature a lightweight titanium frame with spring hinges for a comfortable fit. The half-rim frame leaves your upper field of vision open. Stylish gold metal accents along the brow line complement the transparent yellow lenses.

These durable glasses can stand up to daily use thanks to the flexible titanium arms. Soft rubber ends prevent them from slipping down your nose. The oval lenses measure 52mm wide x 38mm tall for a flattering appearance on most faces.

At 5 5/16” wide and 1 9/16” tall, the frame offers medium coverage. The bridge sits comfortably at 18mm wide. Arms extend 5 3/8” to curve gently around the ears. An anti-allergy silicone nose pad prevents skin irritation.

Magnification Options for Every Need

Choose from lens strengths ranging from +0.00 to +3.50 in 0.25 increment. This allows you to select magnification tailored to your needs:

  • No magnification (+0.00): Filters blue light only with no magnification.
  • Low strength (+0.25 to +1.25): Reduces eyestrain from phones, tablets and light computer work.
  • Medium strength (+1.50 to +2.50): Alleviates fatigue from prolonged computer use, reading, studying.
  • High strength (+2.75 to +3.50): Helps see fine details up close like sewing, model building, crafts.

Start with a lower strength if you are unsure what power you need. You can always exchange for a different strength later. Avoid choosing an unnecessarily high magnification to prevent eye strain.

Relieve Tired Eyes from Digital Screens

The Eyekepper Computer Reading Glasses are a must-have if you:

  • Work on a computer all day and get home with tired eyes.
  • Have difficulty sleeping after using devices before bedtime.
  • Get headaches from looking at your phone or tablet.
  • Squint to see details on your computer or TV.
  • Experience blurry distance vision after prolonged near work.

The glasses come in a protective EVA hard case and include a microfiber cleaning cloth. Use them anytime you’ll be viewing digital screens for extended periods to prevent eye fatigue. The blue light blocking lenses make devices more comfortable to use for hours at a time.

Why Choose Eyekepper Computer Glasses?

  • Protection: Filters up to 90% of harmful blue light from displays.
  • Performance: Increases screen contrast and reduces glare for crisp viewing.
  • Comfort: Allows you to use devices longer without eye strain or fatigue.
  • Durability: Titanium frame and spring hinges last through daily use.
  • Style: Half-rim frame with gold accents looks sharp.
  • Convenience: Compact case and cleaning cloth for portability.

Give your eyes a break and order the Eyekepper Blue Light Blocking Computer Reading Glasses today!


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