Eyekepper 4-pack Progressive Readers for Women – Multifocal Reading Glasses That Filter Harmful Blue Light



Tired of constantly switching between multiple pairs of readers just to see clearly at varying distances? With Eyekepper’s innovative multifocal reading glasses, you’ll enjoy seamless vision whether reading a book, browsing on your computer, or gazing at a mountain vista.

Our revolutionary trifocal lenses feature no lines or magnification jumps, just a smooth transition in optical power. The top of the lens sharpens your distance vision, while the bottom boosts close-up viewing power. And the middle is optimized for computer work. It’s like having three pairs of glasses in one!

Gone are the days of straining to see or constantly pushing glasses up and down your nose. Our women’s progressive readers come in a classic, lightweight rectangle frame designed to stay comfortably in place. The spring hinges flex to fit a wide variety of face shapes and sizes too.

But Eyekepper lenses aren’t just about convenience – they also provide protection. Our proprietary design blocks over 50% of harmful high-energy blue light emitted from digital screens and artificial lighting. This alleviates eye fatigue and may lower risks of macular degeneration.

Key Features:

  • Trifocal progressive lenses correct near, intermediate, and distance vision
  • Visually sharp zones blend smoothly with no lines
  • Rectangle frame stays securely and comfortably in place
  • Blocks over 50% of harmful blue light from electronics & artificial lighting
  • Reduces headaches and eyestrain from prolonged computer use
  • Lightweight, durable plastic lenses and frame
  • Spring hinges flex to fit small, medium, and large faces

No More Switching Between Multiple Pairs of Readers

If you’re tired of keeping track of three different pairs of readers, our progressive lenses are the solution. Each lens features three zones of varying optical powers blended into one.

The top provides sharper distance viewing for activities like driving, watching TV, and sightseeing. The bottom boosts magnification for close tasks like reading recipes and labels. While the middle zone has just the right optical power for prolonged computer work.

Rather than distinct magnification levels, our trifocal design features a smooth progression from top to bottom. So you can seamlessly look up from your book to gaze out the window without interruption. No more tilting your head at awkward angles to find the correct zone!

Alleviate Computer Vision Syndrome with Blue Light Protection

Do your eyes feel tired and strained after hours in front of a computer screen or under fluorescent lights? This discomfort could be caused by excessive exposure to high-energy blue light wavelengths.

Over time, this blue light bombarding your retinas can lead to headaches, blurred vision, and eye fatigue. It may even increase your risk of macular degeneration.

Eyekepper lenses have a subtle tint that filters over 50% of damaging blue light while maintaining crisp visual clarity. This enhances contrast and depth perception compared to heavily tinted glasses.

By reducing blue light exposure, our readers allow you to work and play on your devices more comfortably. No more squinting at that tiny text or getting lost in social media for hours on end.

Designed for All-Day Wear

Between reading, computer work, and household tasks, you need vision correction that you can wear comfortably all day long. Eyekepper readers are designed for just that with their lightweight feel and secure fit.

The durable yet flexible plastic frame won’t slip down your nose or squeeze your head. Adjustable spring hinges provide a custom contoured fit for small, medium, and large face sizes.

At just 23 grams, you’ll barely notice these glasses perched on your nose. But your eyes will appreciate the constant support whether you’re tackling a challenging novel or the latest viral TikTok dance.

A Reader for Every Face Shape

Typical drugstore readers come in just a few one-size-fits-most styles. But we know every face is different. That’s why our 4-pack comes with a rectangle, square, oval, and cat eye frame.

Mix and match to find your perfect fit. The rectangle’s straighter lines flatter rounder faces. Add some edges with the square style. Oval frames complement their namesake face shape. And cat eye readers add a hint of glam.

With this variety, you’re sure to find a frame to fit your style, shape, and visual needs. No more dealing with readers that slip down your nose all day long.

Why Choose Eyekepper Progressive Reading Glasses?

If you’re looking for multifocal readers that make seeing clearly hassle-free, Eyekepper trifocals are the way to go. Our innovative lenses give you seamless vision at any distance. While blue light filtering technology protects your eyes from digital strain.

Ditch the reader clutter and enjoy effortless vision. Click Add to Cart now to experience the Eyekepper difference! We back all our products with a 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee.


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