Eyekepper 4-Pack Beautiful Colors Spring Hinge Rectangular Reading Glasses – Effortlessly Stylish and Ultra Comfortable



Tired of squinting to read restaurant menus, medication labels, text messages, books or anything up close? Fight eye fatigue in style with the Eyekepper 4-pack Reading Glasses. These lightweight, durable plastic frames come in a variety of on-trend colors to complement any outfit. The spring hinges allow the arms to gently flex for all day comfort. Each set comes with four pairs featuring your choice of magnification power, so you can stash them anywhere you need easy access to crisp, clear vision.

Key Features:

  • 4 complete pairs of reading glasses in your magnification power
  • Spring hinges for a flexible, comfortable fit
  • Lightweight plastic frames in Rectangular shape
  • Arm colors include: Black, Leopard Print, Rose Gold/Pink, Silver Glitter
  • Lenses are 52mm wide x 27mm high
  • Frames measure 5 3/8” wide x 1 1/4” high
  • Arms are 5 5/16” long
  • Works for pupils spaced 59-63mm apart
  • Choose from 8 magnification strengths from +1.00 to +3.50

Fashionable, Flattering Frames

Stay on top of eyewear trends with the stylish rectangular Eyekepper frames. The shape flatters most face types by balancing out rounder facial features. While the basic black pair works with anything, the pink, silver and leopard print choices add personality. Each pair comes with clear lenses treated to block UV and reduce glare.

These frames sit comfortably with just the right amount of coverage thanks to the 52mm lens width and 27mm lens height. The durable plastic construction weighs next to nothing. At just 15mm wide, the bridge ensures the glasses sit securely without uncomfortable pressure.

The arms measure a substantial 5 5/16” to Curve gently around the ears for a stable fit. Each arm features a different on-trend color palette. Choose from solids like black and rose gold or patterns like silver glitter and leopard print. The soft rubberized coating provides a nonslip grip.

Experience Superior Optical Clarity

Eyekepper designed these reading glasses to meet strict standards for optical clarity and strength accuracy. The high index aspheric lenses maintain sharp focus across the entire lens, preventing blurriness around the edges. Every pair undergoes thorough testing to ensure negligible deviation in magnification power, pupil distance and horizontal alignment.

The lightweight plastic lenses allow for comfortable long term wear without nose or ear fatigue. Antireflective and anti-glare treatments reduce eye strain from harsh indoor lighting or the sun. Enjoy crisp text and clear details whether reading a book or peering at a dimly lit restaurant menu.

Flexible Spring Hinges for All Day Comfort

While most drugstore reading glasses have static arms, the Eyekepper feature flexible spring hinges. This allows the arms to gently flex and adjust to the contours of your head. The spring tension keeps the frames securely in place without applying uncomfortable pressure.

Since the arms move with you, the fit stays comfortable whether you’re sedentary or active. Bend down to tie your shoes or look side to side without the arms digging into your temples. The flexibility also makes it easy to slip the Eyekepper glasses on and off as needed throughout the day.

Tackle Close-Up Vision Tasks with Ease

The Eyekepper 4-pack Reading Glasses allow you to clearly see anything within arm’s reach. Keep multiple pairs handy anywhere you frequently need magnification support:

  • Home office: Read printed documents and handwritten notes, view your computer screen and smartphone display.
  • Bedroom: Read in bed at night, apply makeup, see alarm clocks and medication labels.
  • Kitchen: View recipes and cooking videos on a tablet, read nutrition labels, see measurements on cooking tools.
  • Craft room: Work on sewing, knitting, jewelry making, models, paintings and more.

Having backup pairs ensures you always have reading glasses when you need them. Keep one pair in your bedroom, office, purse and car. The glasses come in a protective case and cleaning cloth to prevent scratches when stored.

How to Choose Your Magnification Strength

Select the option that matches your current reading prescription strength or provides adequate magnification:

  • +1.00 to +1.50: Ideal for reading text messages and menus, using a computer, and light reading.
  • +1.75 to +2.25: Suitable for reading books, lengthy documents, medication labels and textbooks.
  • +2.50 to +3.50: Best for fine print and detailed craftwork like sewing, model building and jewelry making.

If you are unsure what strength you need, start on the weaker end. You can always switch out for a stronger pair if needed. Avoid choosing a strength stronger than necessary to prevent eye strain.

Why Choose Eyekepper Reading Glasses?

  • Value: Get 4 complete pairs of reading glasses for less than the price of one at an optical shop.
  • Convenience: Have spare reading glasses always on hand whenever you need them.
  • Flexibility: Spring hinges provide comfortable, adjustable fit.
  • Performance: Aspheric lenses offer superior optical clarity across the entire lens.
  • Style: Trendy rectangular frames and arm colors flatter most faces.
  • Protection: Lenses filter 100% of harmful UV rays.

Give your eyes a break and look great while you read, craft, view your phone and more. Order the Eyekepper 4-Pack Reading Glasses today!


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