EYEKEEPER Customizable Reading Glasses – Choose Unique Strengths for Each Eye



Do you have trouble seeing close up? Do the words blur together when reading a book or looking at your phone? Reading glasses can help – but what if each of your eyes needs a different strength?

Look no further than EYEKEEPER customizable reading glasses! With this innovative design, you can select unique lens powers for your right and left eyes. No more forcing both eyes to conform to a single prescription. Get crisp, clear vision tailored specifically to you.

Customize For Your Unique Vision

EYEKEEPER reading glasses feature interchangeable frames so you can create your ideal combination. Choose between +0.0 to +4.0 strengths, in 0.25 increments, for each eye.

For example, if your right eye needs +1.50 and your left needs +2.25, no problem! Mix and match the powers you need.

With most reading glasses, your eyes have to strain to a single prescription that doesn’t fit them perfectly. EYEKEEPER solves that problem by letting you customize.

Sleek, Lightweight Frames

The EYEKEEPER frames offer exceptional comfort and style. The lightweight plastic construction includes spring hinges for a secure fit that flexes as you move.

At just 5.43 inches wide, the frames suit most face shapes and sizes. The arms measure 5.43 inches too, designed for optimal hold and balance. Subtle detail on the temples adds a touch of class.

Choose from classic black frames with clear lenses to discreetly magnify text while looking sharp. The understated design pairs well with any outfit and looks professional for work.

Easy Connecting System

Switching out the lens strengths takes seconds with EYEKEEPER’s innovative connecting system.

The frames feature a plug-in connector on the bridge. Match the left and right sides to the powers you want, then snap together for the perfect custom readers.

Should your vision needs change, simply swap out one lens or both. At less than half an inch wide, the bridge creates a nearly invisible line.

Long-Lasting Convenience

Hard cases protect your EYEKEEPER reading glasses in your bag or pocket. The included zippered case features a firm shell and soft interior to prevent scratches.

Each set includes a case to keep your glasses safe and clean. For less than the cost of a single exam and pair of prescription eyeglasses, EYEKEEPER provides flexibility, performance, and value.

Why compromise with reading glasses that don’t meet your needs? Get crisp, headache-free vision tailored specifically for you.

Customize your powers and enjoy the clarity of EYEKEEPER adjustable focus reading glasses. Order your personalized set today!

Product Features:

  • Customizable lens strengths from +0.0 to +4.0, in 0.25 increments
  • Choose unique powers for each eye for optimal vision
  • Lightweight plastic frames with spring hinges
  • Measure 5.43″ wide with 1.30″ tall lenses
  • Snap together connecting bridge for easy lens swapping
  • Classic black frames with clear lenses
  • Includes protective zippered case


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