Escape the Grips of Junk Light with TrueDark Daylights Blue Light Blocking Glasses



Do you find yourself feeling drained, distracted, and restless? Does looking at screens all day leave your eyes strained and dry? Do you struggle to fall asleep at night? If this sounds familiar, you may be suffering from too much exposure to artificial “junk” light.

Luckily, the TrueDark Daylights Amber Fitover Blue Light Blocking Glasses offer the perfect solution. These innovative glasses block 75% of harmful blue light emissions to help increase focus, regulate sleep, reduce eye strain, and escape the triggers of migraines.

Increase Energy and Sharpen Focus

TrueDark Daylights utilize pure, durable, prescription-grade polycarbonate amber lenses designed based on extensive research and technology. The result? Truly unparalleled clarity and consistent blue light filtration ideal for computer and gaming use.

By filtering out excessive blue light radiation, TrueDark Daylights allow your eyes to relax, helping you avoid distraction and mental fatigue. Expect increased concentration and productivity when working, studying, or gaming for long periods. The amber tint also enhances contrast and visual depth perception. You’ll be amazed how crisp and vibrant screens look while feeling energized and dialed-in.

Regulate Your Sleep-Wake Cycle

Exposure to blue light after sunset tricks your brain into thinking it’s still daytime, suppressing the natural release of melatonin and delaying sleep. TrueDark Daylights solve this by blocking 75% of blue light emissions to avoid sleep disruption.

Wear your Daylights during the evening to avoid blue light’s stimulating effects. This allows your body to produce melatonin on schedule, making it easier to fall asleep at the right time and wake up feeling refreshed. For night shift workers, blocking blue light is crucial to maintain proper circadian rhythms when working during the night.

Alleviate Eye Strain and Computer Vision Syndrome

Staring at digital screens all day forces your eyes to work overtime. This causes dryness, headaches, blurry vision and burning sensations – collectively known as Computer Vision Syndrome. TrueDark Daylights allow your eyes to rest by drastically reducing exposure to high-energy blue light and UV radiation from your devices.

Expect less irritation and redness while enjoying crisp, headache-free vision when you protect your eyes with Daylights. The lightweight amber lenses are not tinted, so colors remain true and screens stay bright. Yet the blue light filtration creates a more balanced light spectrum that brings relief to strained eyes.

Escape the Triggers of Migraines

Research shows that blue light exposure can trigger debilitating migraines and increase their frequency. TrueDark Daylights’ proprietary amber lenses minimize your exposure to prevent overstimulation. By blocking 75% of blue light, Daylights allow migraine sufferers to avoid a common trigger and reduce the occurrence of headaches.

Experience less intense, frequent migraines simply by wearing Daylights during your daily digital activities. The amber lenses filter excessive blue light wavelengths to create a calming environment for your eyes and brain.

Full Coverage in a Lightweight, Comfortable Design

TrueDark Daylights feature a lightweight, fully adjustable frame designed for extended wear. The durable nylon frame includes rubber nose pads and flexible temples to ensure a comfortable, bounce-free fit over your prescription glasses or standalone.

Full wraparound lenses offer complete protection for your eyes without obstructed peripheral vision. At just 35 grams, you’ll barely notice them on yet receive full coverage from excessive blue light all day long.

Pure, Durable Polycarbonate Amber Lenses

At the core of Daylights’ performance are pure polycarbonate amber lenses. This durable plastic material offers crystal clear optics free from haze or distortion. Polycarbonate also blocks 100% of harmful UV radiation.

The proprietary amber tint filters 75% of high-energy blue light while allowing other light spectrums to pass through. This creates an ideal visual environment free from excessive blue light. Expect the lenses to maintain their integrity and performance for years thanks to scratch/impact resistance and anti-reflective/anti-fog coatings.

Improve Your Wellbeing with TrueDark Daylights

Don’t let junk light ruin your productivity, sleep and eye health any longer. Experience the difference of TrueDark Daylights’ research-based amber lenses. More balanced light brings better focus, regulated sleep schedules, eye strain relief, and escape from migraine triggers.

Regain control over your health and environment simply by protecting your eyes from artificial blue light with Daylights. Slip these innovative glasses on over your visionwear to look and feel your absolute best.


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