Escape the Blue Light and Embrace Restful Nights with TrueDark Twilights Gradient Sunset Glasses



Do you find yourself tossing and turning at night, unable to fall asleep? Or perhaps you drift off only to wake up multiple times? This disrupted sleep pattern could be the result of too much exposure to blue light from screens.

TrueDark Twilights innovative Gradient Sunset glasses are specially designed to block out artificial blue light for better sleep and eye health. With their stylish frames and gradient sunset lenses, these glasses are the perfect way to wind down in the evenings.

How Do TrueDark Twilights Improve Sleep?

Blue light exposure suppresses melatonin production, disrupting your natural circadian rhythms. This leads to poor quality and inadequate sleep.

TrueDark Twilights use patent-pending Gradient Sunset lenses engineered to filter out 98% of harmful blue light spectrum from 380nm to 500nm. As the sun sets, the gradient tint transitions from darker at the top to lighter at the bottom. This mimics the natural decrease in blue light as dusk approaches.

By blocking blue light emitted from gadgets like computers, phones, tablets, and TVs, TrueDark Twilights help your body increase melatonin. This allows you to fall asleep faster, sleep more soundly through the night, and wake up feeling refreshed.

More Than Just Better Sleep

In addition to improving sleep quality, TrueDark Twilights provide many other benefits:

Relieve Digital Eye Strain – Staring at screens all day can strain your eyes leading to tiredness, dryness, headaches, and poor visual focus. TrueDark Twilights filter out blue light to ease eye fatigue from prolonged gadget use.

Reduce Migraines – Exposure to blue light can trigger migraines. TrueDark Twilights block a major source of blue light to diminish migraine frequency and intensity. No more debilitating headaches!

Manage Jet Lag – Frequent travelers know the misery of jet lag. By suppressing melatonin, blue light worsens time zone adjustments. TrueDark Twilights help you adapt better and avoid jet lag.

Improve Mood – Blue light negatively impacts serotonin and other mood-regulating hormones. TrueDark Twilights glasses enhance hormonal balance for better mood and energy levels.

Premium Features for All-Day Comfort

TrueDark Twilights are designed for comfort whether you’re working, relaxing, or winding down for bed:

Prescription-Grade Polycarbonate Lenses – Made from optical-quality polycarbonate to provide true clarity while blocking blue light. Durable and scratch-resistant for lasting performance.

gradient tint – Mimics the natural sunset with darker shades fading into lighter ones. Gives just the right amount of tint for different times of day.

Lightweight Design – Weighing just 34g, you’ll barely notice them on your face. The slim arms and frame add sleek style without uncomfortable pressure.

Adjustable Silicone Nose Pads – Prevent slipping while staying gentle on skin. Keeps the glasses firmly and comfortably in place.

90-Degree Hinges – Allow flexibility to bend the earpieces for personalized fit. Reduces gap between arms and head.

Who Are TrueDark Twilights For?

TrueDark Twilights are perfect for:

Nightshift workers – Maintain healthy sleep-wake cycles even with an unusual schedule.

Computer users – Block blue light from prolonged computer, phone, and tablet use. Prevent digital eye strain.

TV watchers – Enjoy evening shows without disrupting melatonin production.

Teens – Help teens maintain circadian rhythms despite late-night gadget use.

Migraine sufferers – Lessen frequency and intensity of migraines triggered by blue light.

Frequent travelers – Adjust to time zone changes and avoid jet lag.

Gamers – Game into the night without sacrificing sleep quality.

Sleep Better and Feel Rejuvenated

Gain back control over your sleep and energy levels with TrueDark Twilights innovative gradient sunset glasses. Their stylish design and patented blue light blocking lenses give you better sleep, less eye strain, no migraines, and balanced hormones.

Don’t let blue light wreck your nights! Escape the disruptive effects of artificial light and embrace restful, rejuvenating sleep with TrueDark Twilights.


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