ESAVIA Blue Light Blocking Readers – 3 Pack



Feeling like you’re squinting more lately when reading books or looking at your computer? As we age, it’s common for our eyes to have a harder time focusing up close. Don’t struggle with blurry vision – it’s time to get yourself a pair of reading glasses!

ESAVIA readers are designed with your eye health and style in mind. Our lightweight, durable frames hold precision lenses that sharpen text and reduce eye strain. The blue light filtering lenses protect against harmful blue light from digital screens to prevent headaches. Plus, our readers come in a convenient 3-pack so you can keep multiple pairs handy.

Say goodbye to eyestrain and enjoy crisp, clear vision with ESAVIA reading glasses. Let’s look at some key benefits:

Lightweight TR90 Frames

The frames are made of flexible TR90 material that’s extremely lightweight and durable. TR90 is commonly used in aviation and sports eyewear because it’s impact-resistant and flexible. The arms have a cozy spring hinge design that flexes to fit your head comfortably without squeezing.

Scratch-Resistant Lenses

The lenses are made of polycarbonate, which is shatterproof and scratch-resistant. Polycarbonate is the same ultra-strong material used in bulletproof glass. The high-quality resin lenses reduce glare and enhance contrast/clarity.

Anti-Fatigue Blue Light Protection

The lenses have a special blue light filtering coating that prevents eye strain from computers and phones. By blocking harmful blue light, the lenses reduce headaches and fatigue.

Multiple Magnification Options

Choose from magnifications ranging from 1.0x to 3.0x for reading prescription bottles, books, newspapers, menus, labels, and screens. Higher magnifications provide more powerful close-up vision correction.

3 Pairs for Maximum Convenience

The set comes with 3 pairs of glasses with the same magnification so you can have readers handy at home, office, car – anywhere you need them.

Sleek, Modern Frames

The classic aviator-style frames look sharp and professional on both men and women. The neutral color options – black, blue, and tortoise shell – match any outfit for work or leisure.

How to Use:

Hold the glasses about 14-16 inches away from what you want to read. Start with lower magnifications like 1.0x or 1.25x. Slowly increase the strength if you need more help seeing. Follow your optometrist’s recommendation.

Don’t strain your eyes – get ESAVIA reading glasses today and enjoy crisp, clear vision while protecting your eyes from digital screens!

Product Details:
– Set includes 3 pairs of reading glasses
– Magnifications: 1.0x to 3.0x
– Blue light filtering lenses
– TR90 frames (black, blue, tortoise)
– Polycarbonate scratch-resistant lenses
– Frame dimensions: Lens width 52mm, Lens height 40mm, Bridge 18mm, Arm 150mm


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