EFLAL Women’s Stylish Spring Legs Bifocal Reading Glasses with Photochromic Lenses



Look stylish while seeing clearly near and far with the EFLAL Women’s Stylish Spring Legs Bifocal Reading Glasses. These fashionable yet functional reading glasses allow you to seamlessly switch between reading a book up close and seeing far away thanks to the bifocal lenses. The spring hinges add a fun touch while ensuring a comfortable and customized fit.

Bifocal Lenses Accommodate Both Near and Distance Vision

The bifocal lenses have an upper section for distance vision and a lower section for near vision. The invisible segmented bifocal design offers a natural visual experience when looking at objects close-up or far away since you don’t have to tilt your head back to see. The lower portion has added optical power ranging from +1.0 to +3.0 for effortless reading and detailed handwork.

Photochromic Technology Adapts to Changing Light

Thanks to the photochromic or transitional lens technology, the lenses automatically darken when exposed to UV light from the sun and lighten when back indoors. This means you don’t have to switch between separate pairs of glasses when going outside on a sunny day. The lenses react rapidly to optimize vision while protecting eyes from glare and harmful rays.

Lightweight Frame with Adjustable Spring Hinges

The durable plastic frame is lightweight and comfortable to wear for all-day use. The classy square lens shape and transparent spring legs add stylish flair. The spring hinges allow the arms to gently flex for a customized fit that stays secure on your face. Adjust the arms to find the perfect fit that feels great behind your ears.

Scratch-Resistant Coating Protects Lenses

The lenses have a multi-layer scratch-resistant coating that acts as an armor against minor scratches from daily wear and tear. The high-tech thin coating keeps the surface smooth while blocking UV light. This protects your eyes while maintaining crisp, clear vision without distortion.

Ideal for Reading, Computer Use, Crafting and More

Transition quickly between close and far work without interruptions. Use the bifocal reading glasses for reading books, newspapers, magazines, recipes, labels, knitting patterns, and other near tasks. The lenses also help reduce eye strain from computers, tablets, cell phones, and other digital screens.

Tips for Adjusting to Bifocal Reading Glasses

It may take some time to adjust to bifocal glasses if you’re used to single vision lenses. Here are some tips:

  • Start by wearing your new bifocal glasses at home to get comfortable with them before venturing out.
  • Position reading material directly in front of you within the lower section of the lenses.
  • Focus on keeping your head still while reading rather than tipping your head back.
  • Look out the top portion of the lenses for distance viewing.
  • With practice, you’ll get the hang of automatically locating the correct viewing zone.

Soon, you’ll experience effortless vision whether stitching needlework, browsing your phone, or watching TV.

Why Choose EFLAL Reading Glasses?

  • Well-Made Construction – Durable plastic frame with scratch-resistant photochromic bifocal lenses
  • Stylish Design – Transparent spring legs and square lens shape create a contemporary look
  • Comfortable Fit – Adjustable spring hinges provide a flexible, customized fit behind your ears
  • Reliable Performance – Bifocal lenses deliver crisp vision near and far while adapting to light changes
  • Worry-Free Shopping – 30-day money back guarantee ensures you’ll be satisfied with your purchase

Give your eyes a break and look great with the EFLAL Women’s Stylish Spring Legs Bifocal Reading Glasses! The fashionable frame with photochromic bifocal lenses provides seamless vision near and far.


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