EFLAL Slim and Stylish Multifocal Reading Glasses for Men and Women – Square Frame with Progressive Lenses



Tired of constantly peering over your glasses to see far away or holding reading material at arm’s length? EFLAL’s fashionable unisex multifocal reading glasses allow you to see clearly whether up close or far away with one slim pair.

These square reading glasses feature a lightweight TR90 frame with spring hinges for a snug, comfortable fit. The contemporary square shape and transparent colors flatter all face shapes. A soft protective case and cleaning cloth are included to keep your reading glasses safe and clean wherever you take them.

But the real advantage lies in the innovative varifocal progressive lenses. Specially engineered to provide distortion-free vision at any range, the lenses eliminate the need for separate reading and distance glasses.

See Sharply Near and Far with Varifocal Progressive Lenses

The varifocal progressive lenses contain three distinct viewing zones:

– Lower Near Vision Zone: The bottom portion of the lenses add +1.0 to +3.0 reading power, making it easier to see up close for reading books, texts, newspapers, menus, labels, and more.

– Intermediate Vision Zone: The mid-level lenses are optimized for computer work, cooking, shopping, and tasks at arm’s length.

– Upper Distance Vision Zone: The top of the lenses have no magnification for crisp long-distance vision while driving, watching TV, attending concerts and sports, and seeing far away.

The smooth transition between zones allows you to focus clearly whether reading a menu or seeing a street sign down the block. In just days, your eyes adapt to automatically change focus depending on viewing distance.

Cutting-Edge Lens Technology for Optimal Visual Comfort

In addition to the varifocal progressive design, EFLAL’s reading glasses include advanced lens technology:

– Photochromic Darkening: The lenses automatically darken when outdoors to reduce glare. Indoors, they return to a clear state. Convenient for all-day wear!

– Anti-Reflective Coating: Multi-layer coating prevents distracting reflections for reduced eyestrain.

– UV400 Protection: Blocks 100% of harmful UVA/UVB radiation from the sun.

– Scratch Resistant: Proprietary hard coating protects the lenses from scratches during everyday use.

– Distortion-Free Optics: Curved lens geometry minimizes distortion for accurate vision across the lens surface so text and images stay sharp.

Slim, Lightweight Frame for All-Day Comfort

Measuring just 145mm wide, the slim TR90 frame is both stylish and incredibly lightweight at just 15g total weight. You’ll barely notice you’re wearing them!

The transparent frame colors including black, brown, blue, pink, and purple complement both male and female styles. Spring hinges allow the arms to flex for a custom fit.

At just 19mm wide, the slim arms won’t stick out if you have a petite face. The straight-back end pieces sit flush behind your ears.

One Pair for Clear Vision Near and Far

No more keeping multiple pairs of readers handy to see clearly! With EFLAL’s multifocal reading glasses, you’ll enjoy seamless vision whether reading a book or driving across town.

The fashionable contemporary frame design works for both casual and business wear. Just slip them in your purse, briefcase, car, or office drawer anytime you need crisp, hassle-free vision.

Ditch the eyestrain of continually peering over your glasses or holding reading material at arm’s length. See clearly near and far with EFLAL’s multifocal reading glasses! The lightweight feel makes them easy to wear all day long.

Get back to enjoying your favorite hobbies and activities without visual limitations. Reading, crafting, cooking, shopping, sporting events, and travel all become more relaxing and enjoyable.

As we age, multifocal glasses are an easy way to maintain visual independence and active lifestyle. Drive confidently, see menus and prices clearly, and enjoy retirement without visual obstacles.

Never rummage around again to find your distance or reading glasses – EFLAL’s multifocal reading glasses provide crisp, uninterrupted vision whether up close or far away! Order yours today.


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